Hardware/Software Tech Development

Amazon Web Services AWS – Cloud Computing

Sample Linkedin Profile Summary Example Cloud Computing 1620 600x350
“This team had a direct impact in me obtaining a new job at Amazon Web Services. They wrote a new resume and profile (and installed it) with the latest technology keywords such as AWS, cloud, virtualization, machine learning and IoT. I will continue to recommend them to my colleagues.”

Marvell Semiconductor – Memory Chip Technology

Sample Linkedin Profile Summary Information Technology 2268 600x350
“I had been avoiding updating my resume after a long-tenured job. Kind of like dodging the dentist – LOL. After speaking with this team and reviewing their work, I knew they were the right choice. The process from beginning to end was very smooth, and the feedback from executive recruiters has been very positive. They gave me the momentum I needed.”

Technology Sales/Business Development

NetApp – Government, Public Sector Tech Sales

Linkedin Profile Summary Example Technology Sales 600x350“My writer impressed me with their comprehensive understanding of LinkedIn, resumes, job search techniques and writing skills. Their insights and counsel would be valuable to anyone who needs a resume or profile that will stand out.”

General Dynamics – Cybersecurity, Cloud Sales

Sample Linkedin Profile Summary Headline Example Technology Cybersecurity 1907“I keep sending you business. Keep going. People love what you do. Karl and the team are extremely smart, competent professionals that are knowledgeable about the technology industry, resumes and how to profit from LinkedIn. He’s a great motivator. This team will be successful at whatever they set out to do.”

Banking, Credit Card, Finance, Accounting, FP&A, CFO

Citizens, Capital One Bank – Credit Card Products

LinkedIn profile summary example bank mortgage brokerage
“I had a great experience with my writer. She was well versed in the terminology of banking and finance and delivered a near perfect resume on the first draft. After one round of edits, she installed my optimized profile. She was responsive and helpful, and the entire process took only a few emails and less than a week.”

Heinz – CFO, Finance & Accounting

LinkedIn headline CFO finance accounting cpa cfo
“As the numbers guy, it’s hard to translate my career into words. The team created a resume that emphasized my quantifiable accomplishments, not just a list of tasks. Their optimization and installation of my profile significantly increased views from financial executive recruiters. They helped me land my current role. I recommend their services.”

Health Care

Aetna – Chief Medical Officer, Health Utilization

sample Linkedin-profile summary example health care doctor
“Loved this LinkedIn service. I had been avoiding LinkedIn for years; it seemed like I had to learn a platform, then get all my resume info put in–who had the time to do all that? I got by on the shabby minimum: name, email and a job title, then got too busy. The Klaxos team had me up in less than a week with a great profile that I can be proud of and they are happy to answer my questions. This service is definitely worth it for anyone who needs to get that jump-start.”

Massachusetts Hospital – Health Care Quality Metrics

sample Linkedin profile summary example health care program quality metrics
“They nailed my project on the first draft. I only had two edits. It was worth every penny to use industry professionals to write my story. I like how their format makes it easy for me to customize it for additional situations. In the past, I went the cheap-o route with other services and got nothing of value. My work looked terrific! Thank you so much”

Pharmaceutical, Medical Device Sales

Abbott – Medical Device Sales

Sample Linkedin Profile Summary Medical Device Sales 1477 600x350“My new resume and profile landed my current role. I recommend them wholeheartedly.”

Medtronic – Medical Equipment Sales Manager

Sample Linkedin Profile Summary Medical Equipment Sales 2534 600x350
“Great work guys. I am really impressed.”

Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology Research & Development

Sanofi – Pharmacy, Medical Devices

sample linkedin profile summary example pharmaceutical medical-device
“I have seen a noticeable increase in the quantity of views of my profile. As a pharmaceutical executive, I must have a profile that captures the essence of “my story”. My writer created my new profile with efficiency and professionalism. The first draft exceeded my expectations and required little revision. I recommend them to anyone in need of a resume or profile.”

Amgen – Biotechnology, Clinical Research

Sample Linkedin profile summary example biotechnology clinical research“Wow. What a difference. My new profile helped me attract connections for my biotech startup. My writer had a let’s-get-it-done attitude, delivering a great profile quickly. I endorse this service to anyone looking to make an impact in their career.”

Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director

Cybersecurity – CEO

Sample Linkedin Profile Summary Example Technology Cybersecurity Ceo 1800“Sales leads and traffic to our website has increased a lot since they keyword optimized my profile and our LinkedIn company page. I thought LinkedIn was only for job searchers. I did not realize the powerful impact it can have on B2B demand generation.”

Vitamin Shoppe, Barnes & Noble  – CEO

Sample LinkedIn Profile Summary Example CEO President 1364 600x350 “After your work, I see more traffic to my LinkedIn and our company website. We picked a new customer based on them finding us on LinkedIn. You did a great job.”

Business Intelligence, Data Mining

MITRE – Business Intelligence, Data Visualization

Sample Linkedin Profile Summary Example Business Intelligence Data Mining Analyst 2247 600x350

Parrallon – Data Analysis, Statistics, SQL

Sample Linkedin Profile Summary Example Business Intelligence Data Analysis Statistics 2505 600x350

Communications, Media/Public Relations

Verizon, Conde Nast – Communications, Public Relations

Sample Linkedin Profile Summary Communications Public Relations 2660 600x350“According to LinkedIn analytics my appearances in search results have improved a lot since I used your service. Thanks for all your help with this project. I’m feeling like things are moving to a very good place. I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues.”

ABC, CBS, Vanguard – News Reporter, Media Affairs Agency

LinkedIn profile example media relations-affairs-agency
“I found these service through the certified professional resume writer website, so this team made the final list right away. My writer impressed me with their comprehensive understanding of resume design, keyword optimization, LinkedIn search algorithm, job search techniques and the way they tailored my target job into my resume.”

Project Management Professional PMP

Tata Sea Fibre Optic Cable – Project & Program Management

Sample Linkedin Profile Headline Summary Example Project Management Pmp 2482 600x350“It looks great.”

Homeland Security – Data Security, Project Management

Sample Professional Resume Example Project Management Pmp 2665 600x350
“Looks really good. Thanks!”

Telecommunications, Wireless, Mobile

T-Mobile – Wireless/Mobile Telecommunications

Sample Linkedin Profile Summary Example Wireless Telecommunications 2647 600x350

Blackberry – Mobile Phone Channel Sales Manager

Sample Linkedin Profile Summary Example Mobile Telecommunications 2474 600x350

Human Resources

Cross Fit – Human Resources

Sample Linkedin Profile Summary Example Human Resources 2448 600x350“You guys rock! Thanks for a great job. Much appreciated.”

Citi – Human Resources, Organization Design

Sample Linkedin Profile Summary Example Human Resources Organization Development 2473 600x350
“Really responsive and really great, professional service and writing style that got my resume and LinkedIn profile to where they need to be.”

Digital Media Advertising Sales

Viacom – Digital Media Advertising Sales

Sample Linkedin profile summary digital advertising sales
“My resume and LinkedIn look amazing and more importantly my rank on recruiters’ searches has increased about tenfold. It is all right there in the analytics. Thank you for all your hard work, I will keep sending my colleagues your way. Great concept.”

ESPN – Chief Revenue Officer, Programmatic Advertising

sample linkedin profile summary example attorney law firm “Christian continues to impress me with his strong understanding of LinkedIn, digital media, and marketing. His insights would be valuable to any individual or organization looking to increase the ROI of their investments in marketing and sales. I have repeatedly sought his advice on demand generation innovation.”

Management Consulting

KPMG – Consultant, Artificial Intelligence

sample Linkedin profile example management consulting “Klaxos wrote a great resume & Linkedin that explained my career story in a way I couldn’t. Thank you.”

McKinsey, Booz Allen – Consultant, Product Marketing

sample Linkedin profile example consultant product marketing “I researched a lot of profile writing options. My discussions with Karl were far and away the most insightful on LinkedIn. They designed and installed a great profile for me that is the envy of my colleagues. You are in good hands if you choose Karl and the team for a digital personal brand upgrade.”

Supply Chain, Logistics & Procurement

Apple – Procurement, Supply Chain

“Their resume and LinkedIn writing gave my job search a significant boost. I struggled to write about my career accomplishments, they helped bring it to life. My LinkedIn profile looks great. They delivered quality, quick turnaround, great ideas, and attention to detail. It was inspiring to work with such an innovative team.”

Maersk – Logistics, Supply Chain

Linkedin profile summary example procurement logistics“They exceeded expectations, which is rare these days. I was shocked that my writer knew so much about logistics, but she said she had been writing profiles for over a decade. Since my career is in a complex industry, I was lucky to find a team that was intelligent enough to understand my jargon. The process was simple, fast turnaround and only required one revision.”

Government Affairs/Relations

U.S. Senate – Government Affairs

sample LinkedIn headline example government affairs
“My writer did a great job with my executive biography and my LinkedIn. So good in fact, I plan to hire them to optimize the profiles for my external facing staff. It helps that Klaxos has Capitol Hill experience. The National Journal research ranks LinkedIn as the most important and trusted source of social media news in Washington DC. I agree!”

Trade Association – Government Relations

LinkedIn headline government relations lobbyist
“It was difficult to find a writer who understands the esoteric world of trade associations and government affairs for LinkedIn profile writing. But these guys know issue advocacy and political careers, so they were able to add a lot of industry details that really made me shine. I was pleased with the service – very prompt in replying and keeping the process moving along. Thanks very much.”

Energy, Mechanical, & Mining Engineering

BP – Energy/Power Generation

mple-linkedin-profile-summary-example-oil-gas energy-power-generation
“Your resume and profile writing helped me land my position at BP. Thank you so much, I am happy with the outcome. Translating my skills and accomplishments into career documentation does not come naturally. You guys made it easy. I am suggesting your service to my friends.”

Specialized Bicycles – Mechanical Engineering

sample linkedin profile headline example mechanical engineering “Your work directly enabled my landing a great new job. The job recruiter gave my resume and profile compliments, so that’s a good sign. LOL. The response rate to my applications increased a lot. Thanks so much for all your help. It was a lot easier than I expected.”

Attorney, Legal Counsel, In-House & Law Firm

Paychex – Corporate Counsel

sample linkedin profile summary example corporate counsel real estate law
“You guys did a great job. I have gone from the digital stone age to representing my employer well on business social media. I will have our Sales VP contact you to optimize their profiles. I did not realize LinkedIn drove so many sales leads but the metrics prove it.”

Marsh – Law Firm Attorney

sample linkedin profile summary example attorney law firm
“Thank you for doing an excellent job writing my profile. I am happy to report it got the attention of a recruiter which led to my new role. It helped a lot that you understand legalese.”

Real Estate

RE/MAX – Residential Real Estate Sales

Sample Linkedin Profile Summary Real Estate 2274 600x350
“Professional social media is a critical tool for real estate agents to connect with specific segments of the market. An optimized profile can make a significant impact in sales and recruiting. My writer was responsive, detail oriented and had experience with my industry. If you’re looking for digital lead generation for real estate, this is the service for you.”

CBRE – Commercial Real Estate Development

Sample Linkedin profile summary example Commercial real estate “They did an excellent job converting my background and information into a new profile and resume. That coupled with a change in privacy settings resulted in a substantial increase in people who viewed me. She was also able to rewrite and condense my resume into two concise pages that dealt specifically with my accomplishments. I am very pleased with the overall results from her hard work.”

Brand, Product Marketing

Procter & Gamble – Brand, Product Marketing

Sample Linkedin Profile Summary Example Brand Product Marketing 1280 600x350 “Working with Karl and Carolyn was a great experience. They are very knowledgeable about my industry and function and I feel confident my resume/cv and Linkedin profile will propel my career forward!”

CallSource, Valassis – Marketing Strategy

Sample Linkedin Profile Summary Example Brand Marketing Strategy 1573 600x350“I am very happy with the quality of service I received. An excellent executive resume and profile written specific to my industry and installed within Linkedin within a few days.”

Social Selling, Business Development

Social Selling, Executive Engagment

Sample Linkedin Profile Summary Social Selling Marketing Consulting 1012 600x350“Gartner retained this team to build Gartner’s LinkedIn presence and teach social selling. Their deep knowledge of LinkedIn optimization, advertising, content marketing and funnel management would be an asset to any organization looking to scale demand generation in business digital media.”

Business Coach – Lead, Influencer Development

Sample Linkedin Profile Summary Example Process Improvement Consultant 1875 600x350“Karl is an amazing and reliable resource to anyone looking to grow their Linkedin network and career. Karl’s professional background and experience clearly place him in a category of a Linkedin Pro. I highly recommend this team as a resource to anyone looking to maximize all that Linkedin has to offer.”

Military to Civilian/Business Transition

Air Force, Lockheed – Aviation, Cybersecurity

sample linkedin profile summary example-military-army-air-force
“Karl, Carolyn and the team did an amazing job of capturing my key experiences and accomplishments in the military as I transition to defense contracting in a way that reflects current industry skills. They distilled volumes of text to create a resume and LinkedIn profile that far exceeded my expectations. It was the best money I have spent capturing my professional qualifications and I was impressed with how quickly they delivered the service. I will be using them in the future for LinkedIn profiles for my staff.”

Marines – Military Civilian Transition

sample linkedin profile summary example military-civilian transition “In the 2 years since you wrote and installed my LinkedIn and resume I have received numerous hits on my LinkedIn profile that led to several interviews and solid offers from reputable companies. Recently, I accepted a position that enables me to travel the world, meeting with senior government and corporate leadership to conduct Market Analysis and Business Intelligence. There is no doubt that your services helped me become more visible and attractive to prospective employers. It was well worth the money spent.”

Nonprofit Charity Science Environment

Community Development, Fundraising

“After I used your services, I received 6 job interviews and 3 job offers. This was in comparison to 1 job interview prior. I have recommended your services to multiple people and I hope they will take my advice. I now have an incredible job and today is my first day! Thank you again for all your help, I was very skeptical and cautious to spend the money. It was worth every penny and I am so thankful for your assistance, I know I was not the easiest to work with. :)”

Early Career – Government, Issue Advocacy

sample-LinkedIn-profile-summary example early career “Thank you for the work that you put into improving my profile. It’s a significant improvement and it made a difference in my job search.”


K-12 Education – Teacher, Curriculum

LinkedIn headline education
“I am truly pleased with the result of my cover letter, resume and LinkedIn Profile. She, Karl and their amazing team have done astounding work updating everything. My resume looks fantastic. I’m so excited. I recommend them highly.”

McGill University – Higher Education Faculty/Research

Sample-Linkedin-profile-summary-example academic Faculty Research 600x350
“I had an excellent experience with Karl. I am in the process of changing careers, and he provided keen insight into making a successful transition. He impressed me with his skills at transferring my academic experience into a comprehensive resume. Karl was also easy to work with. He always responded to my emails quickly and provided solid suggestions. I recommend this service to anyone looking for a resume, cover letter, and profile that look professional and stand out.”

College, University Students

College Student: Finance

“The team did an outstanding job of creating my resume and LinkedIn page writing. They added professionalism that I never could have done on my own. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to have their job search materials stand out.”

University Student: Math, Statistics, Technology

Linkedin profile summary example university student
“Everything looks great! Thank you so much. I will be able to start my professional career with confidence with this resume, profile and cover letter.”

LinkedIn Profile & Resume Writing Service Reviews

Saudi Aramco – Hospitality

linkedin profile headline example Saudi Arabia
“I like my profile so much. it’s perfect. I know it took a lot of time for you. I really appreciate you, and I will recommend you to my friends. Please keep in touch.”

Nissan – Manufacturing Process

headline example japanese manufacturing consultant
“The number of views of my Linkedin page increased. My writer was very responsive to my requests and questions from Japan. Professional career writing is quite important for non-English speakers like me and they did it in a short period.”

Children’s Hospital – Project Management

Sample Linkedin Profile Summary Example Health Care Project Management 2114 600x350
“What took me years to create in terms of my work experience, the team at Klaxos was able to craft my career story into a compelling profile and personal brand marketing piece and ensure consistency with my resume and LinkedIn profile. I am grateful for this incredible team! The services are worth every penny!”

CVS Health – Retail Store Sales

Sample LinkedIn Profile summary example Retail Sales stores, Merchandising Manager
“I was told by a friend in human resources that LinkedIn optimization is a must have, regardless of the stage in your career. She was right. It’s like this service turned on a light switch. Every module of the package I purchased was professionally written and delivered faster than promised. My writer devoted time and effort to deliver a great result to me.”

Citi – Data Analysis, Business Intelligence

linkedin profile summary example data modeling
“I am very happy with my new resume and LinkedIn profile. Several people have commented on how professional it looks and I have had a few folks ask me, ‘how did you do that?…’ I can’t take the credit for the work (although it’s tempting).”

Mercy Medical – Provider Recruitment

sample linkedin profile summary example MHA
“The writing by the team at Klaxos captured my skills, accomplishments, and goals perfectly. They truly have a gift to translate health care jargon into an impactful resume and profile.”

Intel – Technology Product Marketing

linkedin profile example technology product marketing
“I retained Karl when I needed a major profile overhaul. I know how critical it is to have a strong online presence and personal brand – my old profile looked outdated and unappealing. After working with Karl, who is experienced with LinkedIn SEO and personal branding, my profile finally looks modern and on par with the leaders in my profession. I now feel confident and look more credible to the senior executives of my organizations.”

Cars.com – Advertising Sales Manager

linkedin profile example auto advertising sales
“The team did a marvelous job of providing insights on how to leverage the power of LinkedIn. The LinkedIn optimization, social selling and marketing tactics they implemented made a quantifiable difference. Their attention to detail and support was exemplary. They have a deep understanding of how to use digital media to turn goals into results. They will improve your career.”

Dept. of Justice – Defense to Civilian Transition

sample linkedin profile example military transition marines
“From start to finish, it was an easy and straight forward process. Karl answered all the questions I had prior to purchasing the LinkedIn package. My writer, Susan, took the time to listen to my requests and provided valuable feedback and suggestions. I felt that Susan genuinely seemed interested in my vision of an end product. I was pleasantly surprised when my profile was completed. As a result of her outstanding work, my visibility to the LinkedIn community became apparent with an increase in invitations to connect and recruiters contacting me. I recommend LinkedIn Profile and Resume Writing Services.”

Early Career – National Geographic – Video, Events, Media

LinkedIn Profile example for multimedia and video production
“Expensive but it’s an investment so I took a chance. And I’m happy I did. I worked with Carolyn. She was extremely professional and made my resume look amazing!! It’s a huge upgrade from what I started with and I’m forever grateful for that. She also re-did/installed my LinkedIn. Again, 1000% better than what it was before. The cover letter highlights all of my good qualities but in the end – just didn’t sound like me. I happily integrated what Carolyn had written/suggested and mixed it with my personality and I think it came out pretty darn good. It’s been less than a week since I finished my process and already had my first interview for a job I’m really excited about! That’s how impactful this business is!”

Leidos – Technology Project Management

linkedin example project-management
“My writer did a fabulous and professional job working with me on updating and highlighting my Linkedin profile. The process supported me in bringing clarity to my quantifiable contributions and I have much more desirable traffic on my profile. I highly recommend them and their team – great work and high value for the investment.”

PayPal – Enterprise Credit Sales

Sample Linkedin Profile Headline Example Fintech Credit 2204 600x350a“Your writing of my resume and LinkedIn profile helped me secure a new management sales role at PayPal. Thank you for your hard work, it made a difference. I will recommend you.”

eBay – Corporate Security

sample linkedin profile example corporate security
“I received a call from the recruiter within 3 days of publishing the new profile you optimized. That call and the new resume led to a meeting with the hiring VP. I got the job! It’s a testament to the results of your hard work on my resume and profile – they look fantastic.”

Heartland – Social Services, Health

Sample Linkedin Profile Summary Headline Example Public Health Care, Social Services, Disease 1811 600x350

“This is the real deal. These are actual human beings who know what they are doing. They dramatically improved my resume, profile, and cover letter. They were fast, professional, answered my questions and were easy to work with. I have received many compliments and the number of profile reviews has increased.”

Stanford – Environmental Health/Safety

sample linkedin profile example Environmental safety
“My writer did an excellent job creating a new resume and profile that delivered more interviews. It was a pleasure working with her as she was a dedicated and proactive writer who delivered a high-quality product on time. Her listening skills, feedback and follow-up are exceptional. I highly encourage you to work with this team.”

Warrior Mind – Performance Coaching

sample linkedin profile example consultant
Karl is the consummate professional. I explained to Karl what my idea and thought was for my profile and let him do his magic. Karl’s work was outstanding. It exceeded my expectations. It was a wonderful experience to work with this team.

Packetel – Software Engineering

linkedin profile summary example software engineer
“My writer was a professional resume and LinkedIn profile writer. After her work, I have received a substantial increase in viewers and inquiries. She was able to fully enumerate all of my extensive experience on both my resume as well as a professional profile with concise wording. I highly recommend her.”

Sapiens – Insurance Software

Sample Linkedin Profile Summary Example Vp Global Technology 1122 600x350

“My writer reviewed and help me create a new profile and CV. She did a great job, addressed all the details and issued a perfect result. It has been a pleasure working with her, a communicative person that delivered high quality and on time results. I highly recommend this service.”

Valassis – Consumer Packaged Goods

linkedin profile summary example cpg marketing
“My writer did a marvelous job with my resume and profile. She was able to quickly take the answers from a simple, yet thought-provoking, questionnaire and transform them into a flowing career narrative that resonated with my new employer. She delivered her work ahead of schedule. If your career needs a boost, they can help.”

New America – Mortgage Banking

Sample Linkedin profile summary example mortgage banking
“Excellence is in the details. Give attention to the details and excellence will come.” ~ Perry Paxton. This is the skill set that sets Karl apart from others in the industry. This is the person you want to have as an advocate working on your behalf.”

Control Case – Managed Tech Services

Sample Linkedin profile summary example managed services
“The resume and profile they created directly enabled my landing a new job. They use the layout and language recruiters are looking for, that makes a significant difference.”

Brooklyn Hospital – Enterprise ERP

Sample Linkedin profile summary example enterprise systems
“I received a job offer using the resume you wrote 🙂 Your hard work paid off.”

TechCXO – Venture Capital

Sample Linkedin profile summary example venture capital
“As CFO and corporate executive in the financial services industry, it is critical for me to have a resume and profile that would capture the essence of “my story” in a compelling way. She accomplished the task of reworking my profile with seamless efficiency and professionalism. I supplied her with my current resume and in several days received my polished documents. I immediately saw noticeable results. This is not a writing mill company where you don’t know who you’re working with – it’s personalized and responsive even long after completion of my project.”

American Seed – Horticulture Science

Sample Linkedin Profile Summary Example Agriculture Agtech Hortculture 1379 600x350

Karl and his team are masters at working with you to get good results. Coming from a highly specialized industry, I felt that my assigned writer really worked with me to understand skills that were specific to my industry yet help me to translate that into a finished product that would be meaningful to those reviewing my background. The process followed is efficient. The writer is quick to respond and provided helpful feedback to make the end result great. I would definitely recommend Karl and his team.

CBRE – Commercial Real Estate

Sample Linkedin profile summary example commercial real estate
“My team was selling luxury condominiums, and we needed professional profiles that would attract sales leads from higher net worth professionals. The optimized profiles we received made a significant impact. If you’re looking for digital lead generation, this is the service for you.”

Synergy – Life Coaching

Sample Linkedin Profile Summary Example Legal Law General Counsel 2051 600x350

“The LinkedIn profile & resume services team were fantastic! The service was fast, efficient, courteous and exceeded my expectations on the deliverables. I would happily recommend them without hesitation!”

Zodiac – Aerospace

Sample Linkedin profile summary example aerospace
“I have been getting compliments on my profile and resume. I never felt this good about my resume. You did a wonderful job and it has been an absolute pleasure working with you.”

General Genetics – DNA, Genotyping

Sample Linkedin profile summary example genotyping dna
“They did a fantastic job organizing and presenting my profile. The service was fast, accurate and professional. Well worth the investment.”

U.S. Congress – Government Affairs

Sample Linkedin profile summary example government affairs
“If you are looking for a well written clear professional resume, then this is the person you want to have on your side. Working with her helped me translate my many years of work into a strategic story. Today I am focused, and I attribute that to her professionalism. Thank you guys. Keep up the good work.”

Travelers – Insurance Sales

Sample Linkedin profile summary example insurance
“My writer was excellent and provided an outstanding product for me. She was very flexible with my schedule. She was prompt, professional and wonderful to work with. I would recommend this service to anyone. Thanks.”

Country Club – Turf/Soil Management

sample linkedin headline example golf landscape
“I will definitely recommend you to my network. Views of my profile have increased considerably. You did a great job for me.”

Standard Bank – Forensic Finance Law

headline example mandy
“My writer and team were excellent. Very responsive with very quick turnaround times. Highly professional. I am thrilled with their service.”

FujiFilm – Data Storage Tape

headline example david m
Selling in the SaaS, Cloud computing market requires connecting with a lot of tech-savvy executives. Karl Berkoben was a master at turning my brain dump of skills and experiences into a digital resume that I am proud to use as a lead generation tool. I receive a lot of compliments on the summary and headline areas. I had no idea that social media for business could be effective at driving business development.”

SABIC – Energy, Sustainability

headline example atiq
“Thank you for the time, effort, responsiveness and your prompt actions to finalize my resume and profile. You are adding value in “packaging” my accomplishments and ensuring that it is consistent with what recruiters are looking for and it meets the latest best practices. I may have great skills to offer, but unless I can package it correctly, I will not be able to sell myself to job recruiters.”