Gift Resume & LinkedIn Profile Writing to New University Graduates or Any Job Searcher.

Our services are perfect for university-college students nearing graduation, early career professionals, departing employees during a layoff, colleagues conducting a job search, military service members transitioning to a civilian business, or anyone whose job search needs a boost.
Klaxos Gift Card

    1. Research our top-rated resume and LinkedIn profile writing services.
    2. In the form below, provide the message you want us to email the gift recipient, their name and email, and delivery date.
    3. After entering your name, phone number, and email address, click Next.
    4. On the following webpage, you will choose and pay for the service level appropriate for the gift recipient. Select the Get Ready or Get Hired package and complete payment. If you purchased a service before coming to this webpage, you do not have to select a service after clicking Next.
    5. We will email the recipient your message and instructions on how to get started on the date you provide.
    6. Separately, we provide custom gifts, bulk orders, and outplacement services for organizations. Contact us if you have questions.

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