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Greg G AvatarGreg G
I liked that it is a small team of certified resume writers. Not outsourced. My writer was great and delivered a professional resume and LinkedIn profile that got results. They were transparent and it was done within a few days. The best resume writing service I have used! Use them! - 8/10/2023 
Michael Dietrich AvatarMichael Dietrich
Software Testing Perfect. Everything I wanted was done quickly and professionally. I highly recommend this service to anyone currently looking for employment. - 5/03/2023 
Christine Pageau AvatarChristine Pageau
Nutanix, IT Sales Christian was great to work with, very professional, and timely. Great experience! - 4/18/2023 
Karen Shine AvatarKaren Shine
Boston Consulting Group BCG I recently worked with Klaxos to write my resume and Linkedin profile. It had been difficult to summarize 30 years of experience, accomplishments, and strengths; however, Christian provided excellent suggestions to position my experience correctly. He provided a speedy turnaround, yet his writing wa... read more - 4/11/2023 
David Pann AvatarDavid Pann -
Microsoft, VP Advertising $10B P&L I hired Klaxos to write my executive resume and LinkedIn profile. The process was insightful, easy, quick, attentive, and impactful. I recommend you use their services. - 3/23/2023 
Jeff Simeone AvatarJeff Simeone
Travelers Insurance Christian and the team did a great job taking my resume and LinkedIn to a new level! Knowledgeable and extremely professional on their approach. - 3/22/2023 
Joe Pelayo AvatarJoe Pelayo
Executive Recruiter As an executive recruiter, I know what impactful resume and Linkedin profile writing look like. This small team delivers that with superior customer service. I like that they have real world business management experience. I highly recommend them. - 2/16/2023 
Michael Roberts AvatarMichael Roberts
Fordham Coach This team are pros. The entire process was straightforward and worth the time. After completing a comprehensive questionnaire, the videoconference follow-up was thorough and well thought out. It gave me confidence in the company's ability to deliver on its promise of a professional resume that would... read more - 2/11/2023 
Wilson Roy AvatarWilson Roy
This team delivered for my needs. I was invited to more interviews and more views of my profile after they worked their magic which eventually led to me being hired in a new role that is a big step up. I was clueless about how to get my profile and resume to rank well with odd-sounding technology li... read more - 2/10/2023 
Kieran Daly AvatarKieran Daly
When I was searching for the best LinkedIn profile writing service I wanted to find a team that new how to grow leads for my small business. Our product is a finance technology application and they help us grow our presence by writing an optimized LinkedIn company page and personal profile. LinkedIn... read more - 2/09/2023 
James Neill AvatarJames Neill
The best career investment I ever made. I have a lot more inbound sales leads due to people in my industry finding me via my keyword optimized LinkedIn profile. They turned my profile into a sales web page. A great idea. I recommend them. - 2/08/2023 
Vanessa Chartier AvatarVanessa Chartier
I had been avoiding updating my resume after a long-tenured job. Kind of like avoiding the dentist - LOL. After speaking with this team and reviewing their samples I knew they were the right choice. - 2/07/2023 
Ricky Appin AvatarRicky Appin
Financial Journalist My writer was incredibly thorough in gathering information and communicating with me throughout the process to produce a beautiful resume/CV. The fast turnaround helped me submit it for a job I’m keen on. He was also incredibly personable and transformed my 30-year-old resume into a modern, well-org... read more - 2/06/2023 
Lance West AvatarLance West
Energy CFO Great help writing my CFO resume and Linkedin profile. Performed all tasks quickly and with good communication. - 1/20/2023 
Adam Vance AvatarAdam Vance
Travel Trade Association, COO Extremely knowledgeable in executive resume and LinkedIn profile writing. Professional, proactive, and customer oriented. They asked great questions to understand my professional history and goals. They provided top-notch advice and support. - 1/11/2023 
Francesca Venezia-Dunbar AvatarFrancesca Venezia-Dunbar
VP SaaS Marketing Thank you for your support in re-writing my resume and LinkedIn profile. I believe strongly that it contributed to me landing my new job as a Head of Marketing at a SaaS start-up - my target dream job. - 1/07/2023 
Craig Licker AvatarCraig Licker
Volkswagen, GM My writer was very helpful. The customer service from them was incredible. He always responded to me in a timely manner. I am extremely happy with my new resume. I highly recommend LinkedIn Profile & Resume Writing Services. - 1/07/2023 
John Bollinger AvatarJohn Bollinger
AT&T, VP Sales The executive resume and LinkedIn work they performed was outstanding! This team was great to work with and very professional. - 1/02/2023 
Max Savage AvatarMax Savage
Great resume and LinkedIn profile writing that truly delivered more interviews for me. Thank you. - 12/14/2022 
John Poole AvatarJohn Poole
Karl and the team were attentive and listened to my goals and anxieties about my work history. They provided good opinions and advice about how to position my jobs in multiple industries into a unified, professional resume. And as LinkedIn profile writers, they must rank among the best. I truly beli... read more - 12/14/2022 
Thomas Oscar AvatarThomas Oscar
An excellent executive resume and profile written specific to my industry and installed within LinkedIn within a few days. This team does not disappoint. I have worked in several industries and they had a deep knowledge of each. Then they made my skills and accomplishments come to life. My new job i... read more - 12/14/2022 
Betsy Cataldi AvatarBetsy Cataldi
DHS, Special Agent in Charge Professional, comprehensive and thorough resume/LinkedIn writing. Fantastic product which contained diverse input which is allowing me to widen my job search. Highly recommend. - 12/09/2022 
Moses Katagwa AvatarMoses Katagwa
Very professional and reliable services. Your really did a good job with my resume. You deserve more than 5 stars but it’s the maximum they allow. - 12/09/2022 
Niki Weber AvatarNiki Weber
VP, Brand Marketing I needed to refresh my resume after 12 or so years without updates. I didn't even know where to begin. I interviewed a bunch of different resume writing services and landed on Klaxos. I can't say enough about the experience and the final product. I learned so much about creating an executive resume ... read more - 12/08/2022 
Tony Christiano AvatarTony Christiano
Klaxos provides a great service. The resume and LinkedIn profile were professionally done and created very good response on LinkedIn and other job boards. The team was collaborative and worked with me to incorporate my ideas, so the resume reflected what I wanted to highlight and present to potentia... read more - 12/07/2022 
Gabrielle Whitman AvatarGabrielle Whitman
Dana-Farber, CPA I received five job offers and landed my dream job! They did a phenomenal job writing my resume and LinkedIn profile. They thoroughly asked me questions about my background and translated my experience into a format that fit the jobs I wanted to apply to perfectly. I appreciated the collaborative ex... read more - 12/07/2022 
Asha Farrah AvatarAsha Farrah
Working with the Klaxos team was a great experience. I was looking for a resume revamp and they totally nailed it. After sending out the Klaxos resume to prospective employers, I secured a new job. I reccomend them! - 12/07/2022 
Jim Stracner AvatarJim Stracner
HUD, Administrator I was immediately impressed and hired them to work on my resume, LinkedIn Profile, and cover letter. Their work is top notch. I felt like they were not selling me a cookie-cutter template; instead, they took the time to understand my needs and tailor my profile to attract the attention I was looking... read more - 12/06/2022 
Gary Floyd AvatarGary Floyd
VP, Environmental Science Excellent resume and LinkedIn writing service and resume distribution worldwide if you so choose! Thanks, Klaxos! - 12/06/2022 
Dudley Capps AvatarDudley Capps
Very positive experience. I’ve recommended the service to several of my colleagues. Could not be happier. - 12/06/2022 
Sameer Oak AvatarSameer Oak
IBM, AWS Cloud Great service, very detail oriented. - 12/06/2022 
Elmer Campbell AvatarElmer Campbell
Working with Karl and Carolyn was the best. They are very knowledgeable about my industry and function and I feel confident my resume and LinkedIn profile will capture my dream job! - 12/05/2022 
Michael Hightower AvatarMichael Hightower
I was invited to several interviews within a few weeks of using the new professional resume you guys created. Within a month I accepted a job offer. I am so excited!! 🙂 Thank you for your hard work. I am very happy with the quality of service I received. - 12/04/2022 
Lucette Hamelink AvatarLucette Hamelink
They helped increase sales leads to our business. We hired them to train our sales team on "social selling" that is B2B tech sales. They did a great job optimizing our profiles and teaching us LinkedIn based lead generation. Sales are up!! - 12/04/2022 
David Lewis AvatarDavid Lewis
- 12/03/2022 
Chris Beever AvatarChris Beever
Carolyn turned my post college, early career resume into a professional resume. The entire process was smooth, transparent and easy to follow. Minimal input time by me yet strong results. This LinkedIn profile writer knows what she is doing. I totally endorse her. - 12/03/2022 
Stephen Byrne AvatarStephen Byrne
Carolyn did an amazing job energizing my resume. They invested time to comprehend my skills, goals and customized the text in my LinkedIn profile and new executive resume for job openings that I provided. The phone consultation was a critical step in the procedure – it allowed me to communicate the ... read more - 12/03/2022 
James Bennett AvatarJames Bennett
These executive resume writers also created a great optimized Linkedin profile. It had been many years since the last time I wrote a resume. I had no idea how to write about myself. This team took the time to understand my skills, accomplishments, and goals. I wholeheartedly recommend them. - 12/03/2022 
Aurelie Grandbois AvatarAurelie Grandbois
My executive job recruiter recommended I use these guys because as she put it, “your resume looks like a dog’s breakfast.” I assumed that was a bad thing, so I hired Karl and his team straightaway. They provided a senior level resume customized for a finance executive. My recruiter is impressed and ... read more - 12/03/2022 
Karine Olivier AvatarKarine Olivier
I didn’t realize how effective changing the settings on my LinkedIn account could be until I retained this team to write, optimize and install my new profile. This LinkedIn profile service must be among the best. They are motivating me to do more digital networking. Thanks for giving me the push I n... read more - 12/03/2022 
Pryor Charlebois AvatarPryor Charlebois
I had no idea business social networking was so influential until I tried this. The team worked with me to create a summary and details that highlight my expertise. They created an awesome design that clearly portrayed my accomplishments. I just wanted to look good, but my page actually generates co... read more - 12/02/2022 
Jake Coates AvatarJake Coates
Their Linkedin profile and resume writing delivered results. I was skeptical about placing my future career success in another person’s care, but they did an extraordinary job of organizing my skills and accomplishments that I did not know how to express, into a targeted, crisp career statement. I o... read more - 12/02/2022 
Vigor Grandson AvatarVigor Grandson
As a Vice President, I chose this executive resume service because of the senior-level industry experience of their writing team. They wrote a great career narrative that summarized my experience managing staff, overseas operations and presentations to the board of directors. All that and completed ... read more - 12/02/2022 
Edward Johnson AvatarEdward Johnson
My writer and I worked great together collaborating to get my executive resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile updated. She did awesome work. - 12/02/2022 
Mary Bennett AvatarMary Bennett
I was leaving the military and needed help transitioning to the civilian workforce. They translated all the military acronyms and other gibberish in my military occupation code MOS into something that resonates with a private sector job recruiters. I recommend them to any member of the Army, Navy, A... read more - 12/01/2022 
Annette Rocher AvatarAnnette Rocher
I picked these financial resume writers because they had many examples from clients in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. I provided my technical skills and accomplishments and they created a great CV that has been well received by recruiters in the Persian Gulf Coast. They understand the job recruiting cult... read more - 12/01/2022 
Susana Tuinenburg AvatarSusana Tuinenburg
They were a significant help. They took my terrible old resume, my questionnaire data, and the phone consult notes and merged it into something that would resonate with job recruiters. She infused keywords from the job postings I provided into my Linkedin profile and resume to help increase prominen... read more - 12/01/2022 
Alice Arnold AvatarAlice Arnold
Carolyn did a good job of cultivating my resume by writing it to be more succinct, impactful and easier to understand. I am very excited about what the final version can do to boost my career. If you are looking for the best, professional resume writing team, look no further. - 12/01/2022 
Alexandre Caccia AvatarAlexandre Caccia
Views to my LinkedIn profile increase several hundred percent and I received a lot more calls for interviews. I wish I had done this a long time ago. Hiring this team is THE reason I got a new job. Bravo! - 12/01/2022 
Ethan Tomlinson AvatarEthan Tomlinson
She promptly and professionally rebuilt my dated resume and helped pull out the strengths and accomplishments that I strain to articulate. She loves helping people and her attention to detail with the attitude of a perfectionist is on display with the final LinkedIn profile and resume. All three ite... read more - 11/30/2022 
Andy Windgate AvatarAndy Windgate
Great professional resume and LinkedIn service that generated a lot more interviews. Highly recommend. - 11/29/2022 
Andrew Westerberg AvatarAndrew Westerberg
Thank you for your great executive resume and LinkedIn service. It landed my target job. - 11/29/2022 
Anthony Weir AvatarAnthony Weir
My Executive resume and LinkedIn writer made an impact. The consult helped me explain my past and future goals. Well worth the money. The gold package delivered my dream job. Strong recommendation. - 11/29/2022 
Sam Butler AvatarSam Butler
I was leery about making such a large investment to write my resume, Linkedin and letter but my fear went away the minute after I completed my phone consultation. I could sense they really got me. I am very happy with the final product from LinkedIn profile and resume writing services. Karl and Caro... read more - 11/29/2022 
Wayne O'Day AvatarWayne O'Day
Highly recommend! I am transitioning out of mortgage industry. They wrote a great resume and LinkedIn profile that is already getting a lot of interviews. This team is the real deal. - 11/27/2022 
Joe Earl AvatarJoe Earl
Great resume and LinkedIn profile service. The consultation was helpful and the writing team did a great job telling my career story. - 11/27/2022 
Justin O'Day AvatarJustin O'Day
Great LinkedIn profile writing service. - 11/27/2022 
Brooke Bordy AvatarBrooke Bordy
Attorney Wow. My writer created a resume and LinkedIn that created a ton more interviews. The consult made the difference. Smart team. Hire now! - 11/27/2022 
Pranav Kumar AvatarPranav Kumar
Klaxos did an excellent job in refining my resume into a truly professional document. Their entire team was very prompt and thorough until the end. I highly recommend this team. - 11/25/2022 
David May AvatarDavid May
Wonderful service and completed within a week. Nice attention to detail from the team whether by email, phone or the final product. I will recommend them to everyone. - 11/22/2022 
Ryan Alonzo AvatarRyan Alonzo
I had a great experience working with the team at LinkedIn profile and resume writing services. I highly recommend them. - 11/15/2022 
Jason Aleksei AvatarJason Aleksei
A friend referred me to Klaxos resume & Linkedin profile writing. They were phenomenal! I have a broad, deep, and complex work history across multiple industries and areas of expertise. They created a seamless narrative that highlighted my skills and executive accomplishments. I paid for the upg... read more - 11/15/2022 
Edgar Corral AvatarEdgar Corral
- 10/27/2022 
John Calhoun AvatarJohn Calhoun
The Klaxos team was extremely professional throughout the entire process. I highly recommend them! - 10/20/2022 
Miguel Angel Esteller Gaya AvatarMiguel Angel Esteller Gaya
The team wrote a great executive resume and LinkedIn profile writing for me. Highly recommend. - 10/13/2022 
Chris Ridenour AvatarChris Ridenour
Klaxos wrote a great resume and LinkedIn profile that helped my job application process. - 9/23/2022 
Matt Vitek AvatarMatt Vitek
Great experience - 9/23/2022 
Bethel Cole AvatarBethel Cole
- 8/25/2022 
Sam Beale AvatarSam Beale
The process from beginning to end was very smooth and the feedback from executive recruiters has been very positive. They gave me the momentum I needed. Hire them 🙂 - 8/23/2022 
Jeff Wilson AvatarJeff Wilson
The writer was very detail oriented and worked closely with me to craft my credentials in a way that presented me best for the jobs I was interested. Highly recommended! - 8/05/2022 
Deno Riboli AvatarDeno Riboli
- 8/03/2022 
Daniel Assef AvatarDaniel Assef
The team provided excellent VP level resume and LinkedIn profile writing. Use them! - 8/02/2022 
Christian Krupa AvatarChristian Krupa
Student, George Mason Univ Excellent Service! They were all very timely and kept me informed of every process. Would be happy to use them again - 6/28/2022 
Leah Holmes AvatarLeah Holmes
Helpful templates, skills repository, language/text, tools, and e-guides that helped me write my resume and LinkedIn. Just landed a new job! - 6/25/2022 
Lamonte Morman AvatarLamonte Morman
- 6/22/2022 
Caitlin Carlton AvatarCaitlin Carlton
Wonderful insights and they made it an easy process. Would highly recommend. - 6/20/2022 
Maurice Haughton AvatarMaurice Haughton
Homeland Security My hiring at TikTok was a direct result of Klaxos work. They were recommended by a co-worker and i saw all the positive client feedback and results from recruiters. They wrote a top-notch resume and LinkedIn profile that described my skills, experience, and accomplishments in a way I never could put... read more - 6/20/2022 
Yathish Sarathy AvatarYathish Sarathy
I found Klaxos to be refreshing, personalized, and of great value. I bought the Gold Package. Very satisfied. Highly recommend. - 6/20/2022 
Bob McLaughlin AvatarBob McLaughlin
Radio Producer, WDVE iHeartMedia/Clear Channel After 30 years with the same radio company, I suddenly found myself out of a job and wondering what was next. I realized how much the career landscape had changed and how much I DIDNT know. Klaxos delivered the most comprehensive level of service. Christian and his team worked with me to create an i... read more - 6/01/2022 
Kevin Woodward AvatarKevin Woodward
Thank you very much. Your writing has landed me 3 interviews and more emails to respond to. I love the entire process. Thank you and I’ll send anyone I can your way. - 4/19/2022 
Michael Juenger AvatarMichael Juenger
Carolyn and Christian were extremely patient and thorough. I am thrilled with the results! Thanks Klaxos team! - 4/05/2022 
Eric O'Neal AvatarEric O'Neal
Klaxos is phenomenal! My resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile surpassed my expectations. Thanks to Klaxos, I am now on a career trajectory I didn’t think was possible. Would refer them to anyone. - 4/03/2022 
Steve Degenaro AvatarSteve Degenaro
Sales, Siemens When I wanted to move to a new position, I knew it was time to refresh my resume and LinkedIn online brand. Klaxos was an easy and professional way to get it done. I gave my information, and the team did the rest. I didn’t even have anything to edit. - 4/02/2022 
Larry Henderson AvatarLarry Henderson
Director, CIA The tailored and skilled resume writing and LinkedIn building service that Klaxos provided to me during my career transition was outstanding. I highly recommend Klaxos as an authentic team that genuinely cares about best representing your professional accomplishments in a way that resonates with pro... read more - 3/21/2022 
Jessica Perez AvatarJessica Perez
Sales, Dell, Juniper Great company to update or write your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn. Highly recommend! - 2/28/2022 
Tricia Murphy AvatarTricia Murphy
Great writing and service that made an impact for me. - 2/20/2022 
Todd Heger AvatarTodd Heger
This team impressed me with the breadth and depth of the understanding of how to leverage LinkedIn, digital media, and social selling. Their insights would be valuable to any individual or organization looking to increase their visibility on LinkedIn or Google. For over 5 years, I have repeatedly us... read more - 2/03/2022 
Imani Smith AvatarImani Smith
Using this resume builder was easy, quick, and impactful. I was clueless about where to start, but the templates, skills list, and easy-to-follow images helped me write a great resume fast. - 1/11/2022 
Jihan Mansour AvatarJihan Mansour
Klaxos did a wonderful job writing my resume and LinkedIn profile. They were very professional in their time and delivery. They wrote and distributed my resume to thousands of recruiters. I’m receiving many replies. I am proud of their work. I recommend them to everyone seeking a job. Thanks, Christ... read more - 12/16/2021 
Craig Hummer AvatarCraig Hummer
- 11/30/2021 
John O’Brien AvatarJohn O’Brien
- 11/22/2021 
Adam Goldsberry AvatarAdam Goldsberry
This company gave me better results then the TAPS folks. I suggest using this service if you’re transitioning out of the military service. - 11/18/2021 
Rachel Frank AvatarRachel Frank
- 11/17/2021 
Carol Haber AvatarCarol Haber
Klaxos provided me with exceptional resume and LinkedIn profile writing services. They wrote work experiences and organized my skills into a cohesive and professional resume/CV to show me in the best light. Keywords are utilized to capture the attention of numerous quality businesses. I highly recom... read more - 10/31/2021 
Trevor Simm AvatarTrevor Simm
Carolyn, Christian, Karl, and the team at Klaxos are an excellent team! - 10/13/2021 
Yoshiko Elmore-Tsukiyama AvatarYoshiko Elmore-Tsukiyama
- 10/13/2021 
Jeremy Rogers AvatarJeremy Rogers
My work history is short, and the jobs I interviewed for didn’t require many details, so this toolkit was perfect for me. I used the preloaded templates, skills, and e-guides to write a resume that got me the job! Great value - 9/25/2021 
Russ Ingersoll AvatarRuss Ingersoll
- 8/30/2021 
Katherine de Lange AvatarKatherine de Lange
- 7/29/2021 
Ruben Gamero AvatarRuben Gamero
Very professional and awesome customer service. I highly recommend them. Christian and Carolyn did an outstanding job with my resume and Linkedin profile. - 7/20/2021 
Neha Zadoo AvatarNeha Zadoo
- 7/19/2021 
Frank Petty AvatarFrank Petty
- 7/18/2021 
Dan Marks AvatarDan Marks
We are seeing increased revenue, leads, and engagement coming from our Linkedin company page after retaining Klaxos. They are an impressive professional organization that did a superior job. - 6/30/2021 
Amir Abadi AvatarAmir Abadi
Very beneficial. The templates, combined with real world resume and Linkedin examples were just what I needed to write my resume quickly. Thank you, Klaxos, for saving me time and money - 6/25/2021 
Nils AvatarNils
Klaxos wrote a great resume and LinkedIn that directly led to obtaining my first VP role. I had an awesome experience collaborating with this team, which has deep knowledge of technology and job search strategy. - 6/10/2021 
Michael Dela Pina AvatarMichael Dela Pina
- 5/05/2021 
Frank Cui AvatarFrank Cui
Carolyn was great and very helpful! I strongly recommend her and the team. I am glad I chose Klaxos! - 5/02/2021 
Mandrit Bineri AvatarMandrit Bineri
Great resume and LinkedIn writing they helped me get more interviews highly recommend - 5/02/2021 
Alvin Schwapp AvatarAlvin Schwapp
Military Transition Outstanding writing service that produced instant results! Their efforts took my LinkedIn page to the next level. I highly recommend the service! - 4/28/2021 
Michael Akinosho AvatarMichael Akinosho
The team worked very closely with me to get my resume, personal and company pages developed and published. The iterative process ensured the final products were what I was looking for. I will definitely work with Carolyn and the team again. - 4/27/2021 
Brian Ribera AvatarBrian Ribera
The team did a great job increasing my visibility on Linkedin. A joy to work with! - 4/27/2021 
Donna Cobert AvatarDonna Cobert
The team at Klaxos is very efficient, organized and professional. They always kept me informed during the process and delivered according to their stated timeline. They also provide many helpful tools and guidance. I recommend their services highly. - 4/21/2021 
Cedrique Flemming AvatarCedrique Flemming
They do an amazing job and I highly recommend utilizing their services. Carolyn was extremely responsive and friendly. I loved everything about Klaxos. - 4/18/2021 
Chris Raymer AvatarChris Raymer
- 4/14/2021 
Jennifer Sadeghi AvatarJennifer Sadeghi
- 4/12/2021 
Sara Lehr AvatarSara Lehr
Sales, Scandinavia Thanks for the great collaboration, smooth process and excellent work!! I’ll definitely recommend your team and services to my network. - 4/09/2021 
Rijul Mandlekar AvatarRijul Mandlekar
- 4/05/2021 
David Kain AvatarDavid Kain
Great job, they did exactly what they said, 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 4/05/2021 
Mazen Elrayes AvatarMazen Elrayes
Professional and quick ? - 4/04/2021 
Nathan Parker AvatarNathan Parker
The team was exactly what I needed as I began my transition from military service. Everything from the customer service, initial resume draft, LinkedIn profile to the cover letter earned me several interviews/offers for positions I wanted to pursue. A very highly professional team and service and wo... read more - 4/04/2021 
Nancy Ahola AvatarNancy Ahola
- 4/04/2021 
Charl Oosthuizen AvatarCharl Oosthuizen
Next level. - 4/04/2021 
Grace Fuentes-Roberts AvatarGrace Fuentes-Roberts
Amazing experienced professional knowledgeable comprehensive support for resume, cover letter, job search, etc. - 4/04/2021 
Boris Towns AvatarBoris Towns
Nurse, Veterans Affairs Great service! Learned a lot about how to write a resume and organize my accomplishments. - 4/04/2021 
Ash Hanna AvatarAsh Hanna
Christian and Carolyn are very knowledgeable, and professional. They know what they do to get your resume seen by ATS scanning system. I highly recommend them. - 4/02/2021 
Ashley Hance AvatarAshley Hance
Thank you so much for all your time, patience, and hard work. I can't tell you how much relief this gives me. I had earlier used a free resume-writing service for Veterans, but the difference in quality between their service and yours is just night and day. I can't wait to send more veterans Klaxos'... read more - 3/03/2021 
Aisha Williams AvatarAisha Williams
- 2/17/2021 
Megan O'Brien AvatarMegan O'Brien
- 2/15/2021 
Wendy Austin AvatarWendy Austin
This team are the best resume and Linkedin writers. Their executive resume writing was incredible, and my new LinkedIn profile optimization increased my visibility. The service is a game-changer. Worth every penny! Thank you so much! - 2/15/2021 
Meeta Thompson AvatarMeeta Thompson
A job offer was made to me a couple weeks ago. I started work yesterday. Thank you for all your help and hard work writing my resume and LinkedIn so I can rejoin the working world after 5 years of taking care of my family! Pease keep in touch! - 2/02/2021 
Wendy Austin AvatarWendy Austin
VP, BNY Mellon Bank Christian and his team are top-notch at resume, Linkedin, and career optimization. Their executive resume writing was incredible, and my new LinkedIn profile is a game-changer. Worth every penny! Thank you. - 2/02/2021 
Greg Galligan AvatarGreg Galligan
Great results come from a great process and quality writers. This team has all three. An absolute pleasure to work with. The results exceeded expectations. - 1/06/2021 
Meeta Thompson AvatarMeeta Thompson
Working with Klaxos/LinkedIn Profile & Resume Writing Services is a rewarding experience. Christian and Carolyn were professional, thorough, and they continue to go above and beyond my expectations. I highly recommend their services - you are guaranteed a great experience. - 12/10/2020 
Chris Betancourt AvatarChris Betancourt
Analyst, Bank of America Great service! They helped me write a professional resume that landed the job I wanted! - 11/29/2020 
Angela Love AvatarAngela Love
Financial Consultant Carolyn and Christian are knowledgeable, quick to respond, and professional. I received a well-written resume and cover letter within a week. They added my feedback and answered my questions promptly. The process was easy, helped reduce my job-hunting stress, and gave me more confidence. I highly re... read more - 11/24/2020 
Margo Abbatemarco AvatarMargo Abbatemarco
I highly recommend these executive resume writers. They have excellent communication and were able to make an immediate impact with an impressive turnaround time. They write a professional resume, cover & LinkedIn profile. Their industry knowledge is second to none. I will definitely recommend t... read more - 11/23/2020 
Jaclyn O'Day AvatarJaclyn O'Day
House of Reps I did not know how to write about my career accomplishments and skills in a way that got the attention of recruiters and incorporated my job search goals. The team had me covered and was a huge help. I went with the gold package. Their team did a great job writing my resume and LinkedIn as well as c... read more - 11/22/2020 
Karim El Jamali AvatarKarim El Jamali
IT Solutions Architect, AWS You definitely helped me land a new job with Amazon Web Services AWS. Thank you. - 11/14/2020 
Ibrahim Al-Sairafi AvatarIbrahim Al-Sairafi
I have used Klaxos for my Linked Profile. I was amazed by the quality and the content that Klaxos did for me. I will honest after I have my new profile I have done 6 interviews and many recruiters reached out to me. - 11/07/2020 
Manuela Costescu AvatarManuela Costescu
Fantastic writing! Hats off and kudos to the Klaxos team. I am a super-satisfied customer! They are the best professional resume and Linkedin service in DC. Thank you so much. - 11/04/2020 
Jasinta AvatarJasinta
Thanks for revising my resume. I'm completely satisfied with your service. - 11/04/2020 
Mike Murphy AvatarMike Murphy
I was both amazed and impressed with the prompt and flexible service I received while setting up a professional Linkedin account. The team asked for feedback and responded in a professional manner. - 11/04/2020 
Erica Bartz AvatarErica Bartz
Auditor, IRS I had a positive experience with Klaxos. Unlike other resume writing companies, Klaxos is highly responsive, the writing process goes quickly; they are true professionals. I had two resumes written and they are both excellent. I used their resume distribution service and the results did not disappoi... read more - 11/04/2020 
Cherie AvatarCherie
VP Communications, Verizon According to LinkedIn analytics my appearances in search results has improved a lot since you wrote my profile. Thanks for all your help. I will recommend you to my colleagues. - 10/02/2020 
Ben Palermo AvatarBen Palermo
Student, Wake Forest Univ As I approached college graduation, I needed a resume and a Linkedin writer who could get my academic accomplishments on paper. Fortunately, Christian and the team at Klaxos delivered! Plus, they provided a lot of job search advice. I encourage you to use them. - 9/09/2020 
Anne Woodworth AvatarAnne Woodworth
I am extremely pleased with the updates to and reorganization of my resume and LinkedIn profile. Staff were very responsive and helpful and listened to my needs and accommodated my changes. I also am so glad to have the cover letter with suggestions on how to modify it according to job opportunity. - 8/11/2020 
Sean Smith AvatarSean Smith
If you're stuck with your resume, looking to pivot your career or need guidance on how to create a cohesive resume narrative, this team is fantastic. They are responsive, professional and creative. Keep in mind this is your resume and you will still need to do the work to get the most out of Klaxos ... read more - 8/04/2020 
Jeremy Wilson AvatarJeremy Wilson
Great range of services offered, very professional & knowledgeable staff. Would definitely recommend. - 7/22/2020 
Julian Fietzek AvatarJulian Fietzek
Great quality work. They were super responsive and provided me with excellent service. I can fully recommend! - 7/22/2020 
Kevin Mowers AvatarKevin Mowers
I was impressed with their knowledge of my industry. They helped me get a new job. A big help during COVID. Great attention to detail and service. - 7/20/2020 
Veronica G AvatarVeronica G
The team has a deep understanding of how to leverage LinkedIn, and digital social selling. Their advice would be valuable to any executive who wants to amplify their visibility on LinkedIn. They provided fresh thinking and made an impact. I recommend them. - 7/14/2020 
Ryan Baldwin AvatarRyan Baldwin
Very responsive and professional team that provided outstanding profile/resume results. They take a comprehensive approach to your project while also providing input and best practice standards. - 7/10/2020 
Ansh Purohit AvatarAnsh Purohit
Data Analyst, Microsoft Very good people at Klaxos. Christian and Carolyn were super helpful. I loved the level of interest they took in my project. They treated me not as a client but as a friend who cared. They answered all my questions quickly. Thank you so very much, Team Klaxos. I am grateful for all the guidance, adv... read more - 7/07/2020 
Molota Brigham AvatarMolota Brigham
The best resume writers in the country. Give them a try. Follow everything that they tell you to do, and you should be interviewing and sought after in a matter of days. - 7/07/2020 
Adewale Odunlami AvatarAdewale Odunlami
Tech Engineer Carolyn and the team delivered a very impressive result within the first 72 hours and it made a huge difference. Their service may be considered pricey but very worth it. - 7/07/2020 
William Hunt AvatarWilliam Hunt
Very good resume writing and knowledge about how to use LinkedIn for an executive job search. I highly endorse your services. - 7/07/2020 
Luana Wojcik AvatarLuana Wojcik
- 7/07/2020 
Maria Schneider AvatarMaria Schneider
Phenomenal experience. Provided a helpline of knowledgeable Professionals that help jumpstart the transition process. Well worth the investment. - 7/07/2020 
Sanjay Parekh AvatarSanjay Parekh
I reached out to Klaxos to rework my LinkedIn profile. They have a very professional & methodical approach. They prepared a meticulous resume & updated my LinkedIn profile so well, that I have received several compliments on how it appears now. I recommend that you try it to experience the d... read more - 7/05/2020 
Dart Fischer AvatarDart Fischer
The process was not complicated, and at every point they demonstrated that they KNOW their job. I was very impressed by the process, and the final product is amazing. A resume and LinkedIn profile that I am proud to send forward! Well done! - 6/23/2020 
George Garcia AvatarGeorge Garcia
Highly recommend! They did a great job on reworking my resume and LinkedIn profile. - 5/29/2020 
Rohit Mathur AvatarRohit Mathur
Carolyn redesigned and updated my LinkedIn profile, which now looks 100 times better , we went through reviews together and she was very patient with me feedbacks and very responsive - 5/29/2020 
Jamie Hafer AvatarJamie Hafer
Carolyn and the Klaxos team was great at revamping my resume and LinkedIn profile when I didn’t know where to start. I’ve received so many compliments on both when I was applying for new positions and it had helped to land several interviews. I would recommend them to anyone looking to update the... read more - 5/12/2020 
Steve Merchant AvatarSteve Merchant
Smart team that does excellent work. Utilize pros to augment your efforts. They bring a perspective that I/you don't have. Good luck. - 5/12/2020 
Eileen Brzoska AvatarEileen Brzoska
I cannot thank the team at Klaxos enough for their expertise and guidance! Looking at returning to the work force full time after 15 years of being part time was overwhelming and daunting considering all the changes that have taken place in that time. Klaxos was the key to propelling me forward wi... read more - 5/03/2020 
Eileen Brzoska AvatarEileen Brzoska
Excellent experience top to bottom! Would recommend to anyone looking to optimize their resume and LinkedIn profile - especially for someone returning to the work force after being absent for a period of time. If you are feeling stuck with your current efforts - just stop - and call Klaxos. - 5/03/2020 
Renato Perez AvatarRenato Perez
They offer very professional service. They pointed out the weaknesses of my CV and offered an incentive package to work with them which is extremely beneficial. I recommend everyone to work with them. They understand recruiting, algorithms, marketing from a scientific perspective. - 4/12/2020 
Katrina Cho AvatarKatrina Cho
I was referred to Klaxos by a friend. I worked with Carolyn to revamp my resume and it was worth every penny. They were very patient and responsive (we went through many versions) and helped me transform my outdated resume and LinkedIn profile. A few weeks afterwards, I landed an interview with A... read more - 4/12/2020 
Raghavan Tiru AvatarRaghavan Tiru
Carolyn and Karl are a great team to work with in developing a digital profile on LinkedIn that is factually accurate, articulate, technically honed and crisp in delivering the message. All remotely done. Perfect job. - 4/12/2020 
Kyle Benz AvatarKyle Benz
The process was easy and the end result was exceptional. They have vast experience and understanding of all industries and are able to translate your work history into a product that stands out beyond everyone else's. - 4/12/2020 
Alvin Schwapp AvatarAlvin Schwapp
Director, Dept. of Defense DoD I highly recommend Klaxos for resume, cover letters, and LinkedIn profile writing. I received a top-notch product that I am certain will open new doors of opportunity. I had a tight timeline for a job application and Klaxos met my deadline with time to spare. Thank you for providing exceptional serv... read more - 4/12/2020 
Lauren Spivey AvatarLauren Spivey
I had a great experience with the Klaxos team. I am in the process of changing careers, and they provided great ideas into making a transition. They wrote a great resume and installed a keyword optimized LinkedIn profile that is getting more views by recruiters. They replied to my emails the same da... read more - 4/12/2020 
Matthew Reidel AvatarMatthew Reidel
An absolutely professional and rewarding experience to work with Klaxos. Team spent all the needed time to help me get my resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter to where it now tells a compelling story for roles I wish to pursue. I recommend them highly for the results needed in a competitive job... read more - 3/09/2020 
Michael Amaya AvatarMichael Amaya
I recently had my resume updated and I couldn’t be happier with the final product. Thank you! - 2/24/2020 
Fred Chetty AvatarFred Chetty
My experience with Klaxos was excellent and effortless end-to-end. Carolyn went the extra mile to address all my needs and answer all my questions. I highly recommend Klaxos to deliver quality services for your resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter needs. - 2/23/2020 
Sarah Hay AvatarSarah Hay
First-rate experience. They interviewed me and transformed what I wrote in my old, rough resume into a refined career narrative that had a direct impact on landing me a new job. The professional Linkedin profile writer designed and installed a digital resume that generated a lot of views and intervi... read more - 2/16/2020 
Lanae Holbrook AvatarLanae Holbrook
I am really happy with the Klaxos service, they wove my work experiences together to make the resume sparkle. And I’m getting a lot of hits on LinkedIn (even without a photo). I don’t normally write reviews on social media but I want to acknowledge that the Klaxos team is highly professional and d... read more - 2/12/2020 
Alfredo Valiente AvatarAlfredo Valiente
They have a very good process from beginning to end. I have not landed a job yet but have been getting more traction than before through LinkedIn and other channels. - 2/12/2020 
Fatmata Jalloh AvatarFatmata Jalloh
- 2/12/2020 
Michael Haros AvatarMichael Haros
I never had a resume before and they were very helpful. After a quick phone call and the package I wanted they sent me an Email which I was told take a few days filling the questions out on it. They then took my big mess of answers and made an absolute masterpiece of it. They worded things in such a... read more - 1/16/2020 
Chelsea Kubo AvatarChelsea Kubo
I highly recommend their team for high-grade and expert professional development services. You will find it is an incredible relief to have extra eyes and expert writers translate your background and experiences onto your LinkedIn profile and resume. Definitely worth it! - 1/16/2020 
Robert Combest AvatarRobert Combest
Sales, FinTech Klaxos writing of optimized LinkedIn company page and personal profiles grew sales leads for our FinTech application. LinkedIn is our best channel for sales, so their social selling consultation helped a lot. - 1/16/2020 
Stephanie Heil AvatarStephanie Heil
I chose them because I saw they were rated the best pharmaceutical specific professional resume and Linkedin profile writers. They added their deep knowledge of the medical product/device industry to my profile and resume. The resume/profile renovation made an impact. I love my new job! - 1/16/2020 
Anthony Dodds AvatarAnthony Dodds
Heinz As the numbers guy, it’s hard to translate my career into words. The team created a resume that emphasized my quantifiable accomplishments, not just a list of tasks. Their optimization and installation of my profile significantly increased views from financial executive recruiters. They helped me la... read more - 1/16/2020 
Laura Catena AvatarLaura Catena
President, Animal Handling Gloves I am so impressed with the Klaxos Linkedin profile writing service. I could not be happier. I will recommend it to everyone. - 1/16/2020 
Brian Rupp AvatarBrian Rupp
Great team to work with!!! Was able to take a diverse 25 year career and pull out the significant highlights to be competitive in this digital screening age. Great products and information!!! Their expertise is assisting me with taking my career to new heights!!! - 1/16/2020 
John London AvatarJohn London
I hired this LinkedIn profile service to help train my sales team on how to create leads and drive traffic to our demonstration registration form. Our target customers are active on LinkedIn, but we struggled for years on how to reach them or get noticed in Linkedin search results. This team made a ... read more - 1/16/2020 
William Morgan AvatarWilliam Morgan
Amazing resume rescue. The difference between my old bulky (too much information) CV and the sexy resume created by Carolyn at LinkedIn Resume Services was like Shrek vs Cinderellla.. I love my new resume. I send it out with confidence. It states succinctly where my knowledge, experience and streng... read more - 1/12/2020 
Chet Moritz AvatarChet Moritz
- 1/12/2020 
Paulette Zonicle AvatarPaulette Zonicle
Excellent service fast turnaround. Very excited to work with Carolyn. - 1/12/2020 
Clark Young AvatarClark Young
VP, T Rowe Price I highly recommend Klaxos for your resume writing needs. Their services are well worth the cost. Carolyn is very professional and easy to work with. The finished product exceeded my expectations! - 1/12/2020 
Monique Price AvatarMonique Price
I worked with Carolyn who was awesome! I'm extremely grateful the process was done quickly and proved to be a success! Shortly after posting my revised resume several recruiters contacted me which led to a better job! It was worth it. - 1/12/2020 
Benjamin Lee AvatarBenjamin Lee
- 1/12/2020 
Trevor Doucet AvatarTrevor Doucet
Very fast turn around on resume and cover letter. Incredible experience! Got hired within 2 weeks! - 1/12/2020 
Yaniv Franco AvatarYaniv Franco
- 1/12/2020 
Jared Frank AvatarJared Frank
Great experience from start to finish. They are very knowledgeable and able to consolidate work experiences in a concise and intuitive manner. I felt as though they care about success in my career, not just pleasing me during our interactions. Highly recommend for anyone looking to revamp their bran... read more - 1/12/2020 
Torrey Shallcross AvatarTorrey Shallcross
I was extremely pleased with the quality, detailed and helpful service I received. My Linkedin profile, cover letter and resume are now completely transformed and I have seen a very positive response from colleagues and employers. The team is very attentive and are easy to reach with any questions o... read more - 1/12/2020 
Rina Russ AvatarRina Russ
Top-quality resume service. Sets your resume apart and gets you noticed. - 1/12/2020 
Elizabeth Perian AvatarElizabeth Perian
What a fast and easy process this was! I was sent a series of questions and within a week my resume was returned. Everything was written professionally, even the smallest of tasks in my job made were written in a way as to make it sound highly important. I highly recommend this service. Thank you s... read more - 1/08/2020 
Andrew Baum AvatarAndrew Baum
My experience could not have been better! The team was thorough, efficient and effective. They took an old school resume and LinkedIn profile and brought them into the 21st Century. The impact was immediate, as I began to hear from recruiters as soon as my new LinkedIn profile was posted. I wish e... read more - 1/08/2020 
Scott Jerwick AvatarScott Jerwick
Their Team is very responsive and willing to listen to suggestions and what works best for the Industry you work in. Inexpensive for the quality of work they provide. I wanted my Profile and page to jump out and be impactful which they did. I suggest you try them if you’re looking to separate yourse... read more - 1/07/2020 
Bill M. AvatarBill M.
It’s difficult determining who is the best professional resume writing company, but fortunately, a human resources friend of mine said they had used this team when they had to outplace staff. I wanted to shift from one industry to a new one and these writers provided a lot of valuable advice beyond ... read more - 1/06/2020 
Nick Ker AvatarNick Ker
Great value! Very professional, and the people at Klaxos really know how to make an impact. - 12/16/2019 
Vivian Tozaki, Esq. AvatarVivian Tozaki, Esq.
Attorney, Entertainment Law They did a great job increasing online visibility for my law firm using SEO optimization on my LinkedIn profile. Their writing and ideas would be indispensable to any company or person looking to improve the visibility, conversions, and ROI of their marketing and sales tactics on LinkedIn. I highly ... read more - 11/16/2019 
Kelly Campbell AvatarKelly Campbell
AstraZeneca My introductory call with Christian was great. His enthusiasm, honesty, and support set the stage for a great experience. Carolyn's work was high quality, detailed, and thoughtful. She was responsive and knowledgeable. I enjoyed the process and quick turnaround. It is expensive, but worth it! I high... read more - 11/12/2019 
Nayan Patel AvatarNayan Patel
Christian is excellent to work with. Very professional. He is a gifted writer with a marketing bent which is helpful in the social media age. - 11/12/2019 
Mike Hollis AvatarMike Hollis
Sales, Viacom, ESPN The Klaxos resume distribution service really works! Within ten days, I had phone interviews scheduled with 3 recruiters filling senior-level jobs. I am pleased to report that one of those interviews resulted in me being hired into my current role. - 11/02/2019 
Melody Rowe AvatarMelody Rowe
These guys did a great job for me. I can absolutely recommend them. - 10/16/2019 
Christine Kim AvatarChristine Kim
Karl and Carolyn are amazing. They are incredibly nice, very to the point and within a day or two, the resume, linked was done! Simple Q&A went back and forth for updates and then the finish product was ready for GOLIVE! Cant' find time to promote yourself, outsource to this team! - 10/12/2019 
Erica Nurnberg AvatarErica Nurnberg
- 10/12/2019 
Laura Saul Edwards AvatarLaura Saul Edwards
Klaxos was a godsend for helping me prepare for a job search. They were a pleasure to work with. They were prompt, responsive, and had a lot of useful advice. I highly recommend them for resume and LinkedIn writing. - 10/12/2019 
Gordon Winn AvatarGordon Winn
Great service and value - 10/12/2019 
Victor Shepherd AvatarVictor Shepherd
- 9/17/2019 
Stacey McKay AvatarStacey McKay
Klaxos was worth the money. They tailored my resume professionally if I needed to make changes when applying to jobs, it was quick. I do note, you have to collaborate with them and put forth an effort, They will work with you, to provide the best resume writing service possible.When they revamped my... read more - 9/12/2019 
Donna Montiel AvatarDonna Montiel
- 9/12/2019 
Ivy Williams AvatarIvy Williams
Constant professionals who give you sound and solid advice. They truly are time expedient and tailor your resume and cover letter to the job you are applying for. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their resume. - 9/12/2019 
Gergely Janík AvatarGergely Janík
- 9/12/2019 
Mark Bauer AvatarMark Bauer
very professional. very efficient. - 9/12/2019 
Austin Worthington AvatarAustin Worthington
Klaxos does a great job helping tailor your resume and/or LinkedIn profile based on your background. It is important to note this is a collaborative process and requires significant effort on your end as well. We had a little issue but they did a great job making it right. Any company will make mist... read more - 9/12/2019 
Richard Reeves AvatarRichard Reeves
VP, Intuitive Surgical They wrote my resume and LinkedIn profile and I was very pleased with the results. - 9/12/2019 
Nadav Franco AvatarNadav Franco
Extremely patient and professional. My writer understood exactly what the market is looking for and tailored it to my specific needs. - 9/12/2019 
Jared Rowe AvatarJared Rowe
- 8/17/2019 
Carole Lambert AvatarCarole Lambert
The team at Klaxos are the best! They helped me a lot. I am impressed with the breadth and depth of their expertise on LinkedIn. Keep up the great work. - 8/12/2019 
Towanna Burrous AvatarTowanna Burrous
Only reason it's not 5 stars is because during my project there was a staff transition that delayed my revisions several weeks. Otherwise, good quality and friendly. - 8/12/2019 
Andrea Meireles AvatarAndrea Meireles
- 8/12/2019 
Colin Reed AvatarColin Reed
Less than 3 months after working with Karl and team, I found and was hired at my dream job. Without the help of the entire staff it would not have been possible.Resume, LinkedIn Profile, and Cover Letter all were of extremely high quality. If i ever make a transition I will be sure to use Karl and... read more - 8/12/2019 
Kern Briggs AvatarKern Briggs
Karl and Lindsay at Klaxos were quick to respond and did a fantastic job upgrading my resume and Linked-in profile to make sure my 18 years of experience in the life sciences industry stood out to recruiters and companies. I would highly recommend. - 8/12/2019 
LaToya Taylor AvatarLaToya Taylor
- 8/12/2019 
Celia Bozsum AvatarCelia Bozsum
- 8/12/2019 
Ernest Ruiz AvatarErnest Ruiz
Five stars - 7/16/2019 
Martin Leese AvatarMartin Leese
Really responsive and really great, professional service and writing style that got my resume and LinkedIn profile to where they need to be - 7/12/2019 
JB Woodworth AvatarJB Woodworth
Great service. easy and efficient. they did an excellent job expanding my resume content. would highly recommend them - 6/16/2019 
Justin Hassell AvatarJustin Hassell
I am making the transition from being a long time entrepreneur to seeking a management level business development position. At first I put together my own resume, which I thought came out good. After speaking with Karl, I decided to let him go ahead and write my resume, write and install a LinkedIn ... read more - 6/12/2019 
Stephen Quinn AvatarStephen Quinn
With not having updated my resume in quite a while, I felt intimidated by the process. That’s when I reached out and hired Klaxos for their professional services. Carolyn helped me craft a resume and cover letter that I’m ecstatic about. The entire process was such a positive experience that I could... read more - 6/12/2019 
Chris Waterman AvatarChris Waterman
Thanks for all your assistance in creating a superb resume and LinkedIn profile. I already have a recruiter contacting me! Karl and his team were extremely professional and patient. Carolyn did an excellent job and is very friendly. I if I need further assistance professionally, they will be ... read more - 6/12/2019 
Krystyna Scott AvatarKrystyna Scott
The resume writing process was easy and the staff member who worked with me was very responsive. I haven't gotten a new job yet, but my new resume has definitely helped me land several interviews. Interviewers have commented that my resume is "very impressive." I am remaining optimistic. - 6/12/2019 
Chris Lynch AvatarChris Lynch
Your writing of my resume and LinkedIn profile helped me secure a new senior management sales role at PayPal. Thank you for your hard work, it made a difference. - 6/12/2019 
Cynthia Forsyth AvatarCynthia Forsyth
Several years ago I retained Karl and his team to revise my resume and LinkedIn profile, I did not have to make any changes! Wow. His writing captured the essence of my skills and goals perfectly. Karl is truly gifted. If anyone is looking for a new career path I would highly recommend him or anyone... read more - 6/12/2019 
Emily Harris AvatarEmily Harris
I didn’t realize my fancy image-heavy resume was not making it through ATS filtering software until I read these helpful guides. Then I wrote my own using this easy resume and LinkedIn builder. Oh, and I got the job!! Highly recommend. - 6/05/2019 
Diego Gianolio AvatarDiego Gianolio
They did a wonderful job rewriting my long and obsolete resume. It was easy to read, very well received and complimented along the way. I obtained 7 phone interviews, 4 in-person interviews, and 3 offers! I will start my new job soon! - 5/16/2019 
Blake Whitman AvatarBlake Whitman
I struggled to write about my experiences working in the Boston tech scene. These guys know what works with job recruiters. They transformed my skills and accomplishments into increased visibility (metrics within Linkedin prove it) and job interviews. Loved the 90-day interview guaranteed but I did ... read more - 5/16/2019 
Nelly Velazquez AvatarNelly Velazquez
I found Klaxos under a list of the Best Resume Writers in Washington DC and I chose them, it was the best decision ever; was pleasant to work with Karl and Carolyn, my resume turned out amazing, the end result was a great transformation I am extremely satisfied, I highly recommend Klaxos. Excellen... read more - 5/12/2019 
Carol AvatarCarol
Great attention to detail by real humans. It was great to work with a professional that had worked in real estate. - 5/12/2019 
Kyla Hayden AvatarKyla Hayden
VP, HR, CrossFit You guys rock! Thanks for a great job writing my executive resume and LinkedIn. Much appreciated. - 5/01/2019 
Nicole Johnson AvatarNicole Johnson
Amazing experience. I cannot say enough about Lindsay's professionalism, exceptional writing skills, and timely service. I highly recommend her and the Linkedin Profile and Resume Writing Services team. - 4/12/2019 
Sara Bellew AvatarSara Bellew
- 4/12/2019 
Mark Engelman AvatarMark Engelman
Karl and his staff are EXCELLENT - 4/12/2019 
Karl Steinke AvatarKarl Steinke
Good, quality service, friendly people. - 4/12/2019 
Paige Matson AvatarPaige Matson
Student, Univ of Houston Everything looks great! Thank you so much. I can start my professional career confidently with this resume, profile, and cover letter. - 4/01/2019 
Juliana Conrad AvatarJuliana Conrad
Student, Marymount Univ. During my senior year of university, they did an amazing job writing my resume and LinkedIn. Their work resulted in an increase in job interviews and led to my first job. - 3/12/2019 
Mike Kilker AvatarMike Kilker
They do a fantastic shop. Very professional and understand what the client wants to communicate in their resume or Linkedln page. - 3/12/2019 
Brittney Carter AvatarBrittney Carter
The difference between my old resume/Linkedin profile and new is like night and day. I picked this service because they are certified resume writers and install the profile, not just sending me a Word document. Also, based on the testimonials on the website I knew this was more of boutique/custom wr... read more - 3/12/2019 
Mandy Smith AvatarMandy Smith
Carolyn and her team were excellent. Very responsive with very quick turnaround times. Highly professional. I was thrilled with their service. - 3/12/2019 
Heather Smith AvatarHeather Smith
Karl and Carolyn's team did a fabulous and professional job working with me on updating and highlighting my linkedIn profile. The process supported me in bringing clarity to my quantifiable contributions and I have much more desirable traffic on my profile. I highly recommend them and their team - ... read more - 3/12/2019 
Alan Aikens AvatarAlan Aikens
Easy to work with, quick turnaround. Be sure to put in the time to review to get the most out of the engagement. - 3/12/2019 
Tiara Welch AvatarTiara Welch
4 stars out of 5 amazing stars!!! I choose the Early Career package that included resume, LinkedIn profile, and a cover letter. It covered everything I wanted to be done for $499. Expensive but it's an investment so I took a chance. And I'm extremely happy I did. I worked with Carolyn. She was extre... read more - 3/12/2019 
Wayne Carson AvatarWayne Carson
Sales, Real Estate An optimized LinkedIn profile mande a significant impact in my sales and recruiting. My writer was responsive, detail-oriented, and had experience with real estate. If you’re looking for digital lead generation for real estate, this service is for you. - 2/01/2019 
Michael J. Kilker AvatarMichael J. Kilker
Underwriting Trainee, CNA Insurance They did an outstanding job writing my resume and LinkedIn. They added professionalism that I could never have done on my own. I would recommend them to anyone looking to have their job search materials stand out. - 1/09/2019 
Amanda Reilly AvatarAmanda Reilly
What took me years to create in terms of my work experience, the team at Klaxos was able to craft my career story into a compelling profile and personal brand marketing piece and ensure consistency with my resume and LinkedIn profile. I am grateful for this incredible team! The services are worth ev... read more - 9/21/2018 
Carren Sunga AvatarCarren Sunga
VP, Private Equity, Capstone Since my career is in complex capital markets, it was hard to find resume/profile writers intelligent enough to understand financial industry jargon. I was impressed that my writer had actual working experience in my industry at a mid-senior senior level. They were able to add value and fill in the ... read more - 8/09/2018 
James Lin AvatarJames Lin
The team wrote a high-quality CEO resume and installed an impactful LinkedIn profile. An enjoyable experience. - 7/17/2018 
Tim Shaffer AvatarTim Shaffer
Karl & Carolyn have helped me over the years. The deliver great resumes and LinkedIn profile writing! I have recommended them to many of friends and family and they did great work for them as well. I highly recommend them to anyone. - 5/22/2018 
Stacey Appel AvatarStacey Appel
Helpful - 5/04/2018 
Jennifer Pugh AvatarJennifer Pugh
Being in the technology industry I struggle to write about my career accomplishments. My writer helped create a professional resume and LinkedIn profile that I can be proud of. After their work, I have received a significant uptick in views and requests from recruiters. My writer could fully detail... read more - 3/16/2018 
Michelle Wilkinson AvatarMichelle Wilkinson
Aerospace I worked with my writer to update my resume and it turned out awesome. I will recommend this service to anyone. Very impressive. - 3/16/2018 
Lisa Fair AvatarLisa Fair
My writer impressed me with their comprehensive understanding of LinkedIn, resumes, job search techniques, and writing skills. Their insights and counsel would be valuable to any individual who needs a resume or profile that will stand out. - 3/12/2018 
Blake Miller AvatarBlake Miller
Karl and his team do excellent work. I found my dream job within three months of using their services. I highly recommend! - 3/12/2018 
Sean Oslin AvatarSean Oslin
This is the real deal. An actual human being, who knows what she is doing, revised and improved my resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter. She was fast, professional and easy to work with. I have received many compliments and the number of profile reviews has increased. - 3/12/2018 
Robert Reiss AvatarRobert Reiss
Do not hesitate! High quality - 3/12/2018 
Hannah Wing AvatarHannah Wing
ESPN, Student, Univ. of Southern California Klaxos resume and Linkedin writing enabled me to get my dream career in sports media. Fast, easy, and impactful. My colleagues have also had success using them. - 3/01/2018 
Steve Lodge AvatarSteve Lodge
Trade Assoc. They wrote a great government affairs/relations resume and LinkedIn profile for me. They know issue advocacy and political careers, so they were able to add a lot of trade association details that made me shine. I was pleased with the service – very prompt in replying and keeping the process moving.... read more - 12/30/2017 
John W00DY AvatarJohn W00DY
CEO, Cybersecurity Sales leads and traffic to our website have increased significantly since they keyword-optimized my profile and our LinkedIn company page. I did not realize the enormous impact it can have on B2B demand generation. Use them! A no-brainer! - 11/01/2017 
Raish Oceano AvatarRaish Oceano
Helpful - 8/01/2017 
Ann Randazzo AvatarAnn Randazzo
I work in health care and I’m not the best writer. It was so nice to have a professional help me lay out my experience in a way that will get me noticed by top employers. I work full-time and have a family, so getting help with my profile and resume really took a lot off my plate. - 6/12/2017 
Logan Weinstein AvatarLogan Weinstein
Wow, what a difference. My writer was responsive, certified, and is even from the same state I grew up in. They have a lot of experience in healthcare, so that made it easier and reassured me a lot. The results were very solid as well. his turned out great—so thanks! - 6/12/2017 
Kevin AvatarKevin
Director, Apple Their resume and LinkedIn writing gave my job search a significant boost. I struggled to write about my career accomplishments, they helped bring it to life. My LinkedIn profile looks great. They delivered quality, quick turnaround, great ideas, and attention to detail. It was inspiring to work with... read more - 4/01/2017 
Mark Dean AvatarMark Dean
The writer did a good job expanding the content on my profile. I think it’s a lot easier for people to find me and connect now. I actually had a few connection requests from a company where I worked 10 years ago. Also, my online resume is more concise and has better key words. It may take a few wee... read more - 3/19/2017 
Margaret Katz AvatarMargaret Katz
For the longest time, I avoided LinkedIn because I didn’t really see the point of it since I already had a resume. But, more and more people kept asking me if I was on there. Plus I was thinking about moving into the entertainment industry. I had created a profile but didn’t get very far because I w... read more - 3/19/2017 
Dean Creative AvatarDean Creative
I’m happy now that my profile has far more skills and projects listed to showcase my experience. LinkedIn has undergone a lot of technical advances and they keep changing how it works. It’s hard to keep up, but the good part is these guys are keeping up with the changes for me. My profile was effect... read more - 3/16/2017 
Chris Chris AvatarChris Chris
I got tired of messaging people, which is exhausting. I needed a better way to ATTRACT managers who are hiring programmers. So my girlfriend recommended this service and I figured I’d try it out. It turned out really well. My LinkedIn profile is tighter and has better search terms also. Next up: my ... read more - 3/16/2017 
Mark Dean AvatarMark Dean
My writer whipped up a strong profile and now it has more relevant phrases to promote my skills. The cool part was increased visibility. I did a test on the LinkedIn search feature in a different browser and I am now coming up much higher. Last time I checked, I got page one. - 3/16/2017 
Duke Brenlove AvatarDuke Brenlove
I had no idea how LinkedIn worked. I just liked stuff and listed my previous job descriptions as a systems analyst. But, it was smart to hire a pro. I didn’t realize that recruiters search for candidates on LinkedIn, and with better key phrases and relevant skills I could rank near the top. It’s nic... read more - 3/16/2017 
Logan Weinstein AvatarLogan Weinstein
The writers did a great job with my resume and LinkedIn profile. They understood my finance and tech industry. Fast turnaround. Quality results! - 3/12/2017 
Sarah Hamilton AvatarSarah Hamilton
I didn't know how to write my career story in the language recruiters are looking for. My writer did a great job helping me highlight my accomplishments in order to create a new resume and LinkedIn profile. Both have received compliments on their professionalism. Views of my LinkedIn profile increas... read more - 3/12/2017 
Valerie Edwards AvatarValerie Edwards
The writer assigned to my project took the time to understand my needs. They wrote an executive biography, Linkedin personal profile, and Linkedin company page customized to my profession. I was impressed with their deep understanding of job recruiting, personal brand management and helping me tell ... read more - 3/12/2017 
Roman Jankowski AvatarRoman Jankowski
I was told my profile was bland and boring. OK, snappy writing isn’t my forte, but at least I can make insurance sound exciting in person! Anyhow, I left the profile copy writing to my writer who was thorough and gave my narrative new energy. I’m an independent agent so I always need to be connectin... read more - 12/30/2016 
Peggy Dean AvatarPeggy Dean
I’m very happy at the results: a stronger profile and an organized resume. Sure, at first it was strange to have someone else write about me. But after I saw my profile, it was a good move. I just sent off all my info and they organized it and made it sound swanky. Thanks. - 12/23/2016 
Duke Brenlove AvatarDuke Brenlove
I just got bogged down with my profile and needed a professional spin on my career and experience. Turns out I got more than I bargained for because not only is the profile better, but I got a compliment from a financial recruiter. So, we moved on to rework my resume and it’s now much more focused. ... read more - 12/21/2016 
Margaret Katz AvatarMargaret Katz
I was feeling overwhelmed trying to write the “perfect” LinkedIn profile and resume. My writer helped me focus on which skills I should highlight to get the job I want. Now, my experience is organized and presented in a way that will attract future employers in my field. I’m so happy I called them.... read more - 12/20/2016 
Walter AvatarWalter
VP, Sanofi I have seen a noticeable increase in the quality and quantity of views of my LinkedIn profile. As a pharmaceutical executive, it is critical for me to have a profile that captures the essence of “my story” in a compelling way. They accomplished this with efficiency and professionalism. They exceeded... read more - 4/16/2015 
Adam Aloi AvatarAdam Aloi
I didnt know a great LinkedIn profile could be a good selling tool. Once Karl and Carol created my personal profile and LinkedIn company page I starting receiving sales leads. Cool stuff. Its like SEO for the LinkedIn social network. Much cheaper than a website. I had them design two Linkedin busine... read more - 3/12/2014 
Madeline Dolente AvatarMadeline Dolente
A great value and good service, - 3/12/2014 
Amy Ridenour AvatarAmy Ridenour
We used the LinkedIn Profile Service for our business and found the staff extremely professional and knowledgable about many ways to use LinkedIn to spread our message and reach people that we had no idea existed. The pricing was extremely reasonable and the staff was a pleasure to work with. We wou... read more - 3/12/2014