LinkedIn Services for Organizations: Sales Teams, Recruiting, and Employee Advocacy

For over 12 years, we have delivered LinkedIn corporate solutions that enabled revenue, growth, brand visibility, recruiting, engagement, and retention. Creating a robust organizational presence on LinkedIn starts with your staff. Your employees are your top strength, and when they are emphasized on LinkedIn as digital brand ambassadors, you attract sales leads, job candidates, alliances, and investors.

Just as organizations strive to have their website rank at the top of Google results, they need to have the same visibility for their sales teams, external-facing professionals, and executive leadership. We guide professionals on employing the knowledge graph to integrate inbound sales leads from their LinkedIn profile to website, chat, or forms.

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LinkedIn Profile Writing & Optimization for Sales Teams

LinkedIn’s 830M professionals in 200+ countries are searching for your products and services. They represent the most extensive group of influential, affluent, and educated B2B procurement and sourcing managers — ready to buy.

If B2B business development is your function, the online profiles of your team must rank well when prospects are searching for your products and services. Your enhanced Linkedin profile and company page should be integrated into your other digital media channels and website. Your subject matter expertise should be displayed clearly and concisely to present you as an industry expert.

We have been retained by small business and large corporate clients such as Bloomberg, Visa, Gartner, Biogen, Motorola, Pacific Bank, FujiFilm, Penn Machine, Eaton Vance, Tornado cleaners, and others to write and install 5-40 profiles for their employees.

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Linkedin Company Page SEO

LinkedIn Company Page and Showcase Page Optimization

Klaxos is the top-rated LinkedIn company page writing service. Approximately 57 million companies leverage their LinkedIn company profile to generate sales leads, promote products and services, and build relationships. Showcase pages catch the eye of prospective customers by featuring specific, thought leadership content, including links to your latest white papers, e-books, case studies, and webinars. You’ll foster engagement and help your message spread faster by delivering valuable content. We create company pages that include keyword-optimized text, compelling images, product information, and contact information, all integrated with a website.

Klaxos writes and installs LinkedIn personal profiles, Company Pages, and Showcase Pages that:

  • Draw inbound sales with an SEO-optimized, professional profile for each sales team member.
  • Grow business development velocity and visibility in LinkedIn and Google search results.
  • Use text, images, and videos that highlight your value proposition and stimulate action.
  • Explain how you can help a prospect by providing compelling knowledge.
  • Empowers your personal brand in the largest B2B marketplace.
  • Enables connections with sourcing decision-makers PRIOR TO them publishing the RFP.
  • Leverage under-utilized marketing content on LinkedIn profiles and status updates.
  • Use the language your target procurement buyer understands.
  • See our sales profile examples.

What Is LinkedIn Employee Advocacy?

Employee advocacy is defined as promoting your organization by the staff employed there. It’s when engaged employees advocate for their employers on social media, like reverse employee engagement. Sharing a post from the company blog on your LinkedIn feed is employee advocacy. The goals are to attract new talent, sales revenue, and employee engagement via team promotion of the company brand, mission, culture, products, and services. Several companies have hired Klaxos to train their human resource staff and write content for key company evangelists.

Convert the LinkedIn profiles of external-facing employees into dynamic webpages with images, videos, and your value proposition.

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LinkedIn “My Company” Tab Consulting

Many organizations use the “My Company” feature within their Company Page as their intranet. A trusted, employee-only platform hub to help them learn new information and participate in meaningful discussions. Enabling personnel to feel attached to other staff and the mission, services, and products are the best way to retain and grow an engaged workforce. Users must have a company email in their Linkedin account to access the “My Company” tab.

  • Contribute to a trusted, employee-only community on LinkedIn.
  • Celebrate coworkers with quick insight into new hires and tenured staff successes.
  • Interact with colleagues by engaging with trending LinkedIn posts.
  • Connect via dynamic hints based on their geography, team, and shared coworkers
  • Increase employee advocacy by posting text and video designed by marketing and human resource staff.
  • Quantify the impact of digital employee engagement with metrics.
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Outplacement Resume, LinkedIn, and Job Search Training

Many organizations have retained Klaxos to help departing executives and professionals obtain new employment fast. Prepare your team for a new work experience by equipping them with impactful job search documents and training. Learn more about our outplacement services.

LinkedIn Profile Workshops, Seminars, Presentations, and Sales Meetings

We have led various groups on how to increase sales leads, interact with prospects, publish content, social media etiquette, and profile design that extends the reach of the organization’s brand. We have been engaged to provide LinkedIn training or keynote speeches by Mortgage Bankers Association, American Marketing Association, Entrepreneurs association, and several major universities.

  • Customized for your specific needs.
  • Any size group, large or small.
  • Audience engagement through a fun atmosphere.
  • Participants are excited to use their new skills in the real digital world.

Marketing Training and Implementation

LinkedIn offers a tremendous opportunity for marketers, whether you are focused on building your brand or generating leads. You can target your messages and interactions to the right audience, publish content that connects with that audience, and extend engagement both on and off the network. We show you how integrating company pages, status updates, sponsored updates, display advertising and InMail can boost your sales leads. We explain how the search algorithm works so you can ensure your team can leverage these tools for maximum effectiveness. We analyze your current marketing strategy and offer ideas for improvement. We explain Influencers, Pulse and how to access the open publishing platform.

LinkedIn Advertising

By combining mass reach with accurate targeting, we can guide your effective use of advertising.

► Engage your target from among the most affluent, influential and educated B2B professionals.
► Increase awareness, credibility and impact through the power of your organization’s social network.
► Drive traffic and leads to your website.

Display Advertising

Reach a professional audience in an arena where they actively seek advice and recommendations from brands and companies. Leverage the unique depth of member profile information to target by sector, job function, seniority, location and more — a targeted approach that drives engagement, relevance and response.
Sponsored Updates – Publish articles, product information, white papers, images, videos, presentations and infographics with robust targeting functionality. A great way to raise awareness and drive quality leads with detailed performance tracking in 20 languages across 200 countries.
Sponsored InMail – We teach you how to use sponsored InMail, to reach high-value, targeted prospects with attention-grabbing messages that speak directly to their interests. You can designate recipients by geography, job role, group membership, company size and other criteria for high visibility that cuts through the clutter.

LinkedIn Sales Solutions E-Book

Your business page is a way to drive strong connections with the organizations and executives you want to sell to. Uncover more sales leads. Connect via relevant data insights. Make more emotional-based sales that connect on an inner level. Download the 2022 LinkedIn social selling e-book. The new report includes best practices directly from executives at leading professional networking services and other top digital brands. Key highlights available in the e-book:

  1. How business social media can create bigger and better deal flow
  2. Utilize team selling and buying
  3. How to choose the correct topics to discuss with sales prospects
  4. How salespeople can build a professional social selling plan using their personal profile