Difference Between Resume & Cover Letter, Sample

A letter creates a connection between the job requirements and a resume. It explains why you are qualified for the job. Experts agree that a professional cover letter is a critical tool for introducing your resume, whether it be delivered by mail, email, read verbally, or uploaded to a job application website. Clear, concise cover letters summarizing your accomplishments and skills, and their relevance to your potential new position, are significantly more likely to help you obtain a job interview.

A resume is a checklist of your skills, accomplishments, and experiences. Conversely, a cover letter clarifies why you are qualified for a specific job and a good fit for the company. It should reflect warmth and personality as it is meant to persuade employers that you’re a great match for the job. A cover letter is better than a resume when communicating subjective points such as the basis of your desire for the role, what you admire about their products or services, or why the organization’s culture matches your own. Cover letters help you sell your credentials to prospective employers, while your resume provides the evidence to back it up. A professionally written cover letter adds energy to an otherwise monotonous application. It can be the deciding factor between obtaining the interview or your application landing in the dreaded “maybe” folder. Writing a cover letter is a good rehearsal for your verbal elevator pitch.

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We recommend uploading the letter as part of the application, emailing it, and your resume to the job recruiter in human resources as well as the hiring executive — your future boss! Also, send paper versions via overnight mail for maximum impact. You can use the same tactics even if the company does not have a relevant job opening – as a way to be top-of-mind for future opportunities. We have written cover letters for clients in 200+ industries within the United States and 30+ other countries. We provide one-to-one, personalized service with a professional, top-rated cover letter writer who is knowledgeable about your industry. You will receive your cover letter in Microsoft Word. A PDF version is available upon request. Our clients have rated us as among the best cover letter writing services. Or you can write your own using our cover letter template.

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