LinkedIn Profile & Resume Example: Communications, Media/Public Relations

In essence, public relations (PR) is the development of a story message and communicating it via the press (print, broadcast, digital), social media, speaking events, and other earned media. Job recruiters use LinkedIn as a primary tool to find professionals with expertise in communications, journalism, public affairs, media relations, writing, speechwriting, journalism, television, video, and publishing. Whether your role is in-house on the client-side or agency, corporate, nonprofit or government, highlighting accomplishment and hard skill keyword within a LinkedIn profile and a resume are critical to growing awareness and ranking by scanning algorithms. When you pitch the career story on your LinkedIn profile and resume, will it go viral or earn zero media hits? Since 2009, our in-house, top-rated team has written thousands of the best resumes and profiles that increase the visibility of skills, experience, and education. We know what works.