LinkedIn Profile & Resume Sample: Strategy Consulting

Job recruiters use LinkedIn as the leading tool to find consultants in management, strategy, restructuring, technology, finance, and any other function. Fundamentally, consultants are hired to provide their wisdom and experience to assist businesses in reaching their targets, decreasing expenses and removing operational roadblocks. In some cases, they are retained to advise senior management for a specific purpose: to tackle a particular challenge, optimize something specific, reduce costs, merge, acquire or divest a business unit, or reverse declining revenue. Conversely, consulting can be used to execute daily work operations and supplement full-time staff. Will applicant scanning algorithms view your LinkedIn profile and resume as a strategic acquisition or a non-core divestiture? Our professional resume writing and LinkedIn profile writing is delivered by a certified, top-rated writer within a few days and includes free revisions. Since 2009, our in-house, top-rated team has written thousands of the best resumes and profiles that increase the visibility of skills, experience, and education. We know what works. Learn more about our top-rated resume and LinkedIn writing services.