Resume & LinkedIn Profile Example: Law Enforcement/Public Safety

Maintaining law and order is stressful, particularly in 2021. Thinking of retirement? We are top-rated resume and LinkedIn writers for law enforcement looking for a career transition into the private sector. Job recruiters use LinkedIn as the primary way to find professionals with expertise as a police officer, in public safety, homeland security DHA, immigration, customs, criminal investigations, intelligence analyst, FBI CIA, NSA, ICE, Marshals, and other law enforcement ready to transition to corporate business. Whether you are in federal, state, or local law enforcement you need to have a hard skill keyword-optimized LinkedIn profile and resume that can rank near the top when scanned by algorithms. Will scanning algorithms investigating your resume and LinkedIn profile convict them into career prison or will it be granted a pardon? Since 2009, our in-house, top-rated team has written thousands of the best resumes and profiles that increase the visibility of skills, experience, and education. We know what works. Get started by clicking here.