LinkedIn Launches Board Connect Service For Nonprofit Executives

by | Updated Mar 3, 2023

LinkedIn Board Connect, a program that helps nonprofit leaders find high quality professionals to join their boards was launched today.

Over the last two decades, the nonprofit marketplace has exploded. There are nearly 1.6 million nonprofits in the U.S. with nearly two million board seats that need to be filled annually. The good news is that professionals want to join these boards. According to the Taproot Foundation, an estimated 87% of human resources professionals and 92% of marketing professionals are interested in board service but far fewer actually serve on boards.

Non-profit leaders now have tools to help them leverage their own networks and their board members’ networks to find the right skilled professionals to join their boards. The Board Connect program includes free access to Talent Finder ($1,000 premium account focused on finding top candidates on the leading professional networking service, access to an exclusive educational webcast and an invitation to join the Board Connect Group.

Linkedin Board Connect

Several nonprofit organizations in key verticals – social entrepreneurs and education leadership – and invited them to test drive the program and partner for the soft launch: Teach for America, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation, New Schools Venture Fund and Charter Board Partners. The hope is that Board Connect will enable nonprofit leaders to find professionals with the right skills, experience and social capital to help them be successful.

Benefits of Serving on a Nonprofit Board
For professionals who want to use their skills and passion to make an impact on a nonprofit organization, there are fantastic benefits to serving on a board:

  • Builds your skill set: Hone the skills you currently possess while serving on a board whether you work in marketing, human resources or finance, and learn new skills that you can add to your profile.
  • Grows your network: Meet and collaborate with other passionate and talented professionals while serving on a board and make key contacts for the future.
  • Builds your brand and the nonprofit’s brand: Not only will your professional brand get a boost from serving as a board member, but you can build awareness and endorsements for that nonprofit through your participation.
  • Makes you feel good for doing good: Building social capital will give you that burst of professional and personal inspiration you may be looking for, and there is nothing better than the feeling that you can put your skills to good use.

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