LinkedIn Endorsements Take Priority Over Recommendations

by | Oct 17, 2012

LinkedIn recently released a new design that features a significantly updated design and a new prioritization of features for profiles:

✔ More emphasis: Images, Recent Activity, Skills & Expertise.
✔ Less emphasis: Recommendations

LinkedIn continues to utilize the successful elements of Facebook profiles: photos, sharing, connecting and ease of engagement. The most interesting feature is the promotion of Skills & Expertise and less emphasis to Recommendations.

I wonder if the their search algorithm will soon rank profiles based on the amount endorsements. This seismic shift will affect anyone whose is hoping that their professional profile will aid their job search, small business that wants to grow sales or a nonprofit that wants to increase membership.

There has been debate as to whether Endorsements or Recommendations are a better barometer of a quality profile. With the new design, they have clearly shown a preference for Endorsements as the preferred format for “voting content up”. It was only nine months ago that Recommendations was a requirement for a complete, full LinkedIn profile. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Contact us with your business challenges. We will  lend a helping hand.

skills on linkedin examples

Contact us with your business challenges. We will  lend a helping hand.

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