6 Months, 359 rejections, 41 job interviews, 2 offers = She’s Making Double

by | Updated Mar 26, 2023

A software engineer invested eight-plus hours daily, completing applications for coding positions for six months. 359 rejections, 41 interviews, and 2 offers afterward, the woman making 100% above her old compensation. Regardless of your function, industry, or career stage, a job search takes more time and perseverance than you expect. Finding a new career is a full-time job. You need to allocate time and focus on the same level of intensity you would treat your day work.

We understand how frustrating a job search can be. Many factors beyond professional resume writing and optimized Linkedin profile quality determine who gets called for an interview. A job search requires patience. Hang in there. 🙂

Reasons why you are not getting enough interviews:

  • Not applying for enough jobs. With the ease of digital applications, hundreds or thousands of resumes can be submitted for an opening. Even a resume and letter perfectly optimized for ATS resume scanners will have a tough time rising above all the others.
  • Relying on only submitting a resume via the job posting and not emailing the recruiter and department executive your resume and cover letter.
  • Not customizing your cover letter to the skill keywords in each job posting when you apply.
  • Applying for positions that are not the PERFECT fit for your skills, accomplishments, and industry experience. In other words, other candidates had more experience in the skill the hiring manager was most interested in.
  • You are overqualified (they think you will leave when a better job appears) or underqualified for the role.
  • Your salary expectations or perceived salary requirements exceed their budget.
  • Not following the directions or completing all the fields in the job application.
  • January thru May is the primary hiring season. A big company’s annual spending budgets are not approved until November for jobs to be hired in January. Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day and Memorial Day to Labor Day has fewer job postings and interviews scheduled.

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