“LinkedIn is the leading channel for B2B social sales engagement. Gartner retained this team to build Gartner’s presence and teach social selling. Their deep knowledge of LinkedIn would be an asset to any organization looking to increase demand generation in professional social media.”

LinkedIn Social Selling, Marketing and Sales Training

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Successful salespeople know that relationships drive social selling. LinkedIn members number more than 450 million professionals. That’s over two-thirds of the 600 million professionals on the planet. This represents the largest group anywhere of influential, affluent and educated people — ready to buy. We guide professionals on how to employ LinkedIn’s knowledge graph to generate inbound sales leads to their profile and website. We provide LinkedIn sales training to teams and consult to small business owners on how to use business social media. Just as organizations strive to have their website rank on page one of Google, professionals need to have their products, services, unique skills and expertise rank well in search results through an optimized LinkedIn profile or business page. We have been retained by corporate clients such as Visa, GartnerFujiFilm, American Marketing Association, Sodexo,, trade associations, health care nonprofits and several major universities.

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LinkedIn Company Page Writing

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Profile Optimization For Sales Professionals
We are the leading writers of optimized profiles who can increase your visibility in LinkedIn and Google search results. If you are engaged in B2B selling it is critical that your online profile ranks well when people are searching for your products and services. It is also important that your accomplishments and experience are displayed in a clear and concise manner that presents you as an industry expert. If you are in sales, business development or leading a small business, an optimized profile can attract leads for your product or service. Specifically, legal and financial services can benefit from an optimized profile, as the service is increasingly used as a B2B search engine. Even if you simply want to improve your personal brand, we can help you look great when your colleagues connect with you online. See our profile examples.

Company Page and Showcase Page Optimization
More than 3 million companies leverage their LinkedIn Company Page to generate sales leads, promote products and services and build relationships. Showcase pages are where you can catch the eye of prospective customers by featuring thought leadership content, including links to your latest white papers, eBooks, case studies and webinars. By delivering valuable content, you’ll foster engagement and help your message spread faster. We create company pages that include keyword-optimized text, compelling images, product information and contact information for your sales team. See our company page examples.

Marketing Solutions Guide
LinkedIn offers a tremendous opportunity for marketers, whether you are focused on building your brand or generating leads. You can target your messages and interactions to the right audience, publish content that connects with that audience, and extend engagement both on and off the network. We show you how integrating company pages, status updates, sponsored updates, display advertising and InMail can boost your sales leads. We explain how the search algorithm works so you can ensure your team can leverage these tools for maximum effectiveness. We analyze your current marketing strategy and offer ideas for improvement. We explain Influencers, Pulse and how to access the open publishing platform.

Social Selling with LinkedIn
We can train your sales team to transform relationships and insights into sales success. Social selling is defined as finding the right people, connecting through relationships and engaging with insights. It is transforming the traditional selling process including: sales lead generation, sales prospecting, cold calling and having a professional profile that encourages decision makers to contact your team. We show you how to create, attract and engage with your prospects so you increase the top of the sales funnel.

► Attract inbound sales with an SEO-optimized, professional profile for each member of your sales team.
► Convert the profiles of ALL your employees into dynamic webpages with images, videos and your value proposition.
► Discover and connect with decision makers in your industry BEFORE they launch the RFP.
► Leverage under-utilized marketing content to be re-purposed on LinkedIn profiles and status updates.

LinkedIn Advertising
By combining mass reach with accurate targeting, we can guide your effective use of advertising.

► Engage your target from among the most affluent, influential and educated B2B professionals.
► Increase awareness, credibility and impact through the power of your organization’s social network.
► Drive traffic and leads to your website.

Display Advertising
Reach a professional audience in an arena where they actively seek advice and recommendations from brands and companies. Leverage the unique depth of member profile information, offering targeting by sector, job function, seniority, location and more — a targeted approach that drives engagement, relevance and response.
Sponsored Updates – Publish articles, product information, white papers, images, videos, presentations and infographics with robust targeting functionality. A great way to raise awareness and drive quality leads with detailed performance tracking in 20 languages across 200 countries.
Sponsored InMail – We teach you how to use sponsored InMail, to reach high-value, targeted prospects with attention-grabbing messages that speak directly to their interests. You can designate recipients by geography, job role, group membership, company size and other criteria for high visibility that cuts through the clutter.

LinkedIn Groups
We can teach you how to create and drive leads from groups relevant to your business vertical. Groups are a meaningful platform for engagement with prospects and customers to spark and maintain interest in your products and services. Displaying thought leadership will reinforce your position as the leader in your business segment — a helpful place to be when prospects are deciding with whom to partner. See Groups directory.

LinkedIn Sales Meetings, Workshops, Seminars, Training
We have led a variety of groups on how to increase sales leads, interact with prospects, publish content, social media etiquette and profile design that extends the reach of the organization brand.

► Customized for your specific needs.
► Any size group – large or small.
► Audience engagement through a fun atmosphere.
► Participants are excited to use their new skills.

SlideShare Page Design & Presentation Help
We are all visual thinkers. It’s no secret that infographics and graphically concise presentations are the most successful format to teach prospects about your product, service or non-profit mission. Visual content can help set you apart from the text-heavy competition. We can design and manage your SlideShare channels so as to establish your brand as a thought leader and authority around topics and keywords.

► Share presentations, videos, infographics and other documents with your LinkedIn network.
► Upload portfolios, conference talks, PDFs, marketing/sales presentations and more.
► Embed videos in presentations and add audio to make a webinar.

College, University, High School Student Profile Writing
Students are the fastest growing and most engaged demographic. More than 25 million recent graduates and existing university or college students are planning and building their careers using LinkedIn. New graduates often wonder “Why didn’t I hear back?” from a job application. Students need to develop a strong online presence that will distinguish them from other candidates. It’s not a surprise that monitoring social media has increasingly become a significant part of the college admissions process. Kaplan’s survey found that 29% of university admissions officers surveyed have used Google to search for a college applicant (up from 27%). In addition to ensuring there is not negative information on websites and social media, high school students should also create a positive story of their academic success that will appear at the top of search results. See our student profile examples.

Resume / C.V. Writing
Even in the digital age of job recruiting, the resume is alive and well. A professionally written resume can considerably increase the response percentage to your applications and drastically reduce the time needed for a job search. The candidate with the best written resume will often get hired over the person with better skills or more experience. We understand how job recruiters read a resume. Our experienced writing team will ensure your accomplishments, work history and education is transformed into a document that will enhance your job search. See our resume writing examples.

Website Design
Small business website design is a core capability of ours. We have helped hundreds of organizations communicate their message and achieve their goals in the digital world. Our team has designed hundreds of WordPress and Drupal websites for the Washington, D.C. region and all over the United States. We provide full service design, development and marketing support to launch your next site. Services include: updating websites, custom website management, web hosting, security, web support via responsive web designers, mobile websites and e-commerce tools. See our WordPress website examples.

Email Marketing
We have designed and deployed countless email campaigns that utilize the latest technology to track impact. We work with you to design an email marketing strategy that will get results and avoid risks. Post campaign analysis provides insight on how to close hot leads or pivot to new tactics. Email campaigns with engaging headlines and content, sent to relevant recipients, is still the most efficient tool in your digital marketing toolkit.

Washington, D.C. Job Search Training
We are the leading experts at helping candidates conduct an effective DC job search. Our expertise includes career coaching, job search plans, Capitol Hill political job boards and connections to leading trade associations, non-profits and NGOs. Most popular is our email list of top 200 executive search recruiters in Washington DC. It provides the inside connections you need to launch a premium career in D.C., Virginia or Maryland.

LinkedIn Tips, News, Advice
Take advantage of our free library of advice and tips to enhance your career. The articles contain the latest news, changes, tricks and secrets to creating a profile that gets results for you and your organization. Most popular is our list of LinkedIn Skills.