Personal Branding Tips With LinkedIn Profiles

by | Updated Mar 3, 2023

Presentation Transcript

1. Title: Growing your organization by LinkedIn personal brand management
2. Contents: How to develop and leverage your own personal brand for the good of yourself and your organization.
3. About Me
4. Brand Defined: “A name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one sellers good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.“–American Marketing Association. “The emotional connection between a buyer and seller.” –Christian Moritz

5. We are all brands. We are all CEOs of our own companies: “Me Inc.“ Our most important job is to be CMO for our own brand.
6. If you aren’t positioning your personal brand others will de-position it for you.
7. Personal brands can define and grow an organizational brand
8. Personal branding can benefit nonprofit’s or not-for-profit in two ways:

  • A single charismatic leader
  • A hive of buzzing engaged employees

9. Why personal branding is important to employers. Strong personal brands add value to organizational brands!

  • A. Publicity & visibility
  • B. Increased organizational credibility
  • C. Build engagement levels
  • D. Expands influence
  • E. Aids “storytelling” of mission
  • F. Human connection to the organization
  • G. Halo effect (works both ways)

10. Why personal branding is important to employees YOU are the unique sub-brand of your nonprofit’s brand identity

  • 1. Your name is a brand – are you coffee or Starbucks?
  • 2. Networking and research keep the saw sharp
  • 3. Makes you a leader in your current organization
  • 4. Lifetime employment no longer exists
  • 5. Personal branding is a passive job search
  • 6. External consulting opportunities and new ideas
  • 7. Cost Effective
  • 8. Fun

11. Five P’s of personal brandinglinkedin personal branding imact

  • Passion – pick subjects that you want to engage in at 6am and midnight
  • Purpose – have a defined, targeted objective
  • People – hyper connect & pay it forward
  • Planning – personal editorial calendar and say organized
  • Perseverance – pivot your message or channel approach to expand your voice

12. Many free tools available – pick the ones that fit your style

13. Top tool for personal branding
• People are using LinkedIn to search for business providers,policy experts and nonprofit advocacy organizations.
• Optimizing your page can get your profile listed on page one of Google. Get Noticed!
• Cheaper than spending thousands in online advertising or website SEO.

14. A complete profile combined with many connections, e.g. at least 50 will rank higher in Google results.

15. Full and complete profile = top of search
16. #3 of 61,400,000 Google searchpersonal branding linkedin
17. Nuclear energy expert #2 and #3 Google position
18. Animal welfare expert – #5 position in Google
19. Trade association obtained three new memberships after organizations saw relevant Tweets in their LinkedIn news. Cost of acquisition? ZERO
20. Consult with a LinkedIn profile writer
21. Which mediums garner the most visibility? Press Release? One voice
22. Blog? – Dozens of voices
23. Twitter – Hundreds of voices
24. My personal brand
25. Embed your work portfolio into your profile
26. Pick the medium that fits your style and comfort zone
27. With mobile devices like iPhone and Android so prevalent, there is no excuse for your personal brand not to be heard
28. One of these commands a premium price. Which of these are you today? Tomorrow?
29. Stay connected with yoursocial network


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