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by | Updated Aug 5, 2022

Many of our clients want to do a career-pivot, which is another word for transitioning from one skill function to a new one, but often lack the training, experience, and credibility to apply for jobs in the newly desired field. This scenario has been accelerated by the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID‑19), potentially eliminating careers that are reliant on people being in high-density environments. Not everyone can work from home or maintain a safe, socially distant six feet away from each other. Today, the old catch-22 scenario “that you need a job to gain experience, but you can’t get that first job without proficiency in those skills” may no longer be entirely accurate.

The best way to start your career-pivot is to complete limited, no/low-cost skills training programs. These have two positives. First, before investing a lot of time and money, you can learn if you are genuinely interested in those occupations by your level of interest in the abbreviated training. Second, it gives you a certificate to add to your resume and Linkedin profile while you continue to pursue formal certifications or degrees.

LinkedIn researched its 690M profiles, 11M job posts, 36K skills, and 50M companies to identify ten in-demand occupations that are situated to continue increasing in the future. These ten jobs were identified as having the largest number of job openings, have had consistent growth over the most recent several years, provide a living wage, and require skills that can be studied online. LinkedIn has made the ten learning programs that support these jobs available for FREE through March 31, 2021. Other courses are available for a premium monthly membership fee of $30. Once you complete each LinkedIn Learning course, you will receive a digital certificate of completion, which you can add to your LinkedIn profile and resume, thereby boosting your credibility and hiring potential.

Accentuate the Positive
If you have approximately 75% of the criteria mentioned in a job listing, don’t fret about the skills you don’t have. Usually, some of the requirements are “nice-to-have” rather than “need-to-have” abilities. Submit your application and focus your cover letter on explaining why your matching hard skills are the perfect fit.

Ensure your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile mention the soft skills all employers want: self-motivated, collaboration, teamwork, emotional intelligence, problem-solving, persuasion, adaptability, communication, and active listening. Also list these common hard skills: communication (written and verbal) and Microsoft Office.

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