How to Change Commute Distance Settings in LinkedIn Jobs

by | Updated Aug 5, 2022

Most professionals admit they would reduce their salary for a decreased commute time. LinkedIn offers you the ability to forecast your potential travel time, so each job that you view will list an approximate distance from your home, whether by walking, car, train, bus, or bicycle. This is a helpful tool for people seeking a job in a new geography – they can add a proxy street address (e.g., a Starbucks location) in the desired area. This is all part of LinkedIn’s goal to make job listings more relevant by adding salary information, skills matching, and asking network connections to refer you to the job recruiter. Since many employers do not post a specific address for a job, LinkedIn uses artificial intelligence to deduce locations for a job map. Change your LinkedIn commute distance by clicking here. The geocoding data science engineering details are available here.

Linkedin Jobs Commute Preferences Settings1
Linkedin How Set Commute Travel Distance Module1
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