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by | Updated Mar 3, 2023

Did you ever wonder who viewed your LinkedIn profile? Well now you know, although a premium account gives significantly more details than the free account. If you are looking for a job its helpful to know which job recruiters or executive search consultant viewed your information. When you see that a staffing agency has viewed your site, send them an email with your resume – its a good to be proactive. If you are a sole proprietorship and your professional profile is your website, reaching out to the members who viewed your profile is a good marketing and lead generation tactic. Same goes for Company Pages. There is a significant amount of information in your analytics webpage:

  • Names of the people who viewed you
  • Number of page views
  • Number of appearances in search results
  • Top search keywords
  • Number of views by industry
  • Number of views by geography

When you view a profile, they will see either your name and headline, just anonymous characteristics such as industry and title or totally anonymous information. You can change your LinkedIn visibility settings here.

Who Viewed Your LinkedIn Profile


 Upgrading to a Paid Membership provides more date

premium profile-views-upgrade-2014

Old Design of “Who Viewed Your Profile”

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