Avoid Scam Resume Writing Services With Fake Reviews

by | Updated Oct 26, 2023

Advancing your career is critical. Paying for a skilled LinkedIn profile, resume, and digital cover letter writer makes sense. It’s a complicated, radically evolving, high-tech, tedious grammar endeavor that most professionals embrace with the same enthusiasm as getting a cavity filled at the dentist. Prior to retaining a resume writer, be sure you don’t fall victim to a scam. Low price offers are too good to be true.

How to Determine If TopResume Reviews Reveal a Scam Service

Prices for resume or LinkedIn profile writing can range from $49 to $3,000. Be suspicious of a cost less than $299-$399 for resume or Linkedin profile writing. After subtracting for taxes, credit card processing fees, overhead, marketing, profit margins, etc., low-cost services like TopResume only pay one of their 1,500 outsourced writers approximately $20 for the entire job, not per hour. You need to invest more than $20 in growing your future career earning potential.

Search websites that report business complaints and scams
In Google, type “TopResume reviews” or the name of another resume service, you are considering. Look at the bottom of the first, second, and third pages of search results. You will see:

The breadth, depth, and source of the reviews on the service website give you more clues. Here are some red flags:

  • If you are looking for real reviews of TopResume, you will not find them on TrustPilot which allows merchants to delete the negative reviews.
  • Their website has embedded testimonials from review websites like TrustPilot where the company can delete any negative reviews and insert positive reviews that may be fake.
  • Reviews are limited to two or three untraceable people mysteriously named “Tony G” and Susie H.”
  • No verifiable client reviews from sources that let you see the real person who posted it, such as LinkedIn, Google, and Yelp.
  • TopResume and similar resume mills look promising, but the work quality is uneven, which is why they do not use verifiable third-party reviews.
  • Even TopResume’s free resume review feature sends the same, word-for-word analysis to different resumes that are submitted.

“Best of” Websites
Ignore websites that claim to list the top 10 resume writers for the current year or the best resume writers for your city. These are either paid placements similar to advertisements or created by the company listed as number one on the list. Not surprisingly, Find My Profession’s website lists itself as the best in all 50 cities they reviewed.

  • They create fake review aggregation websites that talk about how great TopResume is so they can dominate page one of Google.

Other red flags in a resume writing service

  • Ambiguous information about what, if any, humans work there. This is a clue that the “company” is just a network of freelance, overseas writers.
  • No free, initial phone call (15 minutes or less) with the actual person who would be potentially writing your profile and resume if you hire them.
  • Customer service is limited to a chatbot or a call center overseas.
  • No installation of the new LinkedIn profile they created, instead they only send you a list of 50 skills and a templated summary paragraph for you to install into your own LinkedIn account.

Elements of a High-Quality Professional/Executive Resume and LinkedIn Writing Service

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