LinkedIn Video Training – Easy LinkedIn Profile Tips

by | Updated Mar 3, 2023

VIDEO Transcript: People know LinkedIn is good for searching for the names of people you want to connect with, but here is some advice you don’t know. This video provides examples of people who optimized their profile to appear on page one of Google search. Key takeaways:

  1. Job recruiters use LinkedIn as their primary tool to find online resumes.
  2. People search the service for small business products & professional services.
  3. Adding relevant keywords to your professional profile can get your digital resume on page one of Google.

It’s critical that your business or online resume have visibility on page one of search results in LinkedIn and ultimately Google. What they don’t tell you is that you can optimize your professional information or business to be rank at top of search results without spending thousands of dollars in online advertising.

Let’s use an LinkedIn lawyer profile as an example. We have seen situations where we type into Google a targeted skill, such as patent attorney or new media attorney for a particular city. We would expect to see large law firms, but at times we see that page one of search results is occupied by a professional profile or Wikipedia.

It’s interesting that these attorneys have achieved high visibility for free, simply by having multiple, relevant keywords and connections. Google views each personal connection as a high quality link – the more high links and keywords from an authoritative website like the higher your professional page or company page could rank in Google. Great small business or law firm marketing.

Ok, so you understand it can be valuable to have a profile that is highly visible but how did they get there? Surely theses DC law firm must have paid thousands of dollars in online advertising or paid for lawyer AVVO ratings.

NOPE. The answer is simple and can cost only a few hundred dollars.

“All Star” profiles are rated higher than incomplete profiles in its search results. A complete profile combined with connections, e.g. at least 50 will rank higher in search engine results. If you’re looking for a job or want to increase sales at your company, it is critical to have an “All-Star” profile.


medical device pharmaceutical profile example

“The LinkedIn profile writing team designed a great professional profile for me. This has helped me find and connect with doctors in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. I have been able to grow sales through educating medical professionals. I researched the examples of other LinkedIn profile writers and determined that Carol and the team offered the highest quality, attention to detail and best value. My profile has generated a significant amount of business and career opportunities. I recommend her for your career.” -November 3, 2013

Let’s look at an example of a LinkedIn profile example for medical devices. As we scroll through the profile we see that she has completed the eight key areas:

1.    Photo
2.    Summary
3.    Your industry
4.    Postal code
5.    50 or more connections
6.    Two jobs, along with descriptions
7.    Five or more skills
8.    School

Thus she has improved her personal brand and is more visible for job recruiters looking for “Medical Device Sales DC”.


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