What Does A Good LinkedIn Profile Look Like?

by | Updated Mar 3, 2023

You’ve likely heard about LinkedIn and maybe you’ve even got a profile. But, beyond re-connecting with old colleagues and friends from school, do you really know how to use your online profile / digital resume to its full potential?

When completed and used properly, a professional profile will give you greater visibility among the recruiters and business owners who are looking for people with your skill set. If you’re currently looking for a job and have never visited LinkedIn, I suggest you familiarize yourself and make a profile right away because it’s the first place recruiters are looking for candidates today. Even if you are employed, having an up-to-date, professional profile that details your work experience could pay off in a big way because, let’s face it, job security isn’t what it used to be.

So, what does a good LinkedIn profile example look like, anyway? Today, there are literally 250 million members, but the number of people and companies whose profiles have been written and optimized in a way that will bring them results is far, far less. Take note of the following profile tips and start enjoying the benefits of this amazing online tool.

great linkedin profile example

What Does a Good Professional Profile Look Like? Completed, for Starters

One of the biggest mistakes people make is failing to complete their profiles. If you’re going to put in the time to make a profile, see it through to the end so that what others are viewing isn’t just a few random snippets from your work history. To make things easier, they provides a handy profile completeness meter that will tell you where you stand.

Include relevant information in the Summary, Experience and Education fields that highlights your strengths and skills. Add a professional-looking picture—not one of you at a rock concert with your friend’s face awkwardly cropped out—and connect with colleagues, industry leaders and other relevant associates. Gain trust and improve your visibility by having others recommend you and joining groups related to your niche.

Completed profiles don’t just make a better impression upon the people who view them; those with All-Star profiles rank higher in their search results. Better yet, this will also improve your profile’s ranking in Google and greater visibility is precisely what you’re after.

Optimization: One of the Most Important Profile Tips

Just as people keyword optimize their websites, you’ve got to lace your profile with the terms people use when searching for a person with your skill set or area of expertise. Be sure to optimize your job title with these terms as well, while keeping it a concise description of what it is that you do. Use ‘Web Content Writer’ instead of ‘Writer,’ or ‘Pharmaceutical Sales Associate’ rather than ‘Sales Associate,’ for instance. A few keywords or phrases will go a long way in helping to rank your profile above your competition’s and, don’t forget, there are millions of people using the service right now.

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