“The number of recruiter views to my profile has increased tenfold. The analytics prove it.”

LinkedIn Profile Writers That Increase Visibility for a Job Search & Sales Leads

LinkedIn Profile writing service Increases Interviews 71%

Why LinkedIn® is critical

  • 94% of recruiters are searching for talent on LinkedIn, only 36% of job seekers are. Take advantage of this.
  • Per the Wall Street Journal, 70% of people who start new employment were not looking or submitting applications to postings, rather they were contacted by a recruiter who saw their LinkedIn profile in search results.
  • A comprehensive LinkedIn profile increases interviews 71%, per the Forbes chart.
  • LinkedIn is the largest job board for director, vice president and c-level executive positions.
  • A professional profile builds credibility when, not if, employers put your name in search engines.
  • A consistent, professional match to your resume when recruiters research you.
  • Create a network that you can leverage when you are ready for a new job.
  • Buyers of B2B products and professional services are searching for suppliers on LinkedIn. A profile today is comparable to a Yellow Pages advertisement in the 1990s.

Our professional LinkedIn profile writing and installation service includes:

  • Unlike other services that have an overseas freelancer copy and paste your old resume into a text document for you to install, we edit, improve and keyword optimize the text on your old resume, profile, and jobs of interest before submitting a draft to you for review. Then we install it. Learn more about what sets us apart from others services.
  • Collaboration one-to-one with our in-house, certified writing team who has experience with your industry and function.
  • Formatting designed to rank well with the search algorithm used by LinkedIn and Google.
  • Researching, optimizing, and installing 50 hard skill keywords relevant for your experience and goals.
  • Writing and installation of a search-optimized headline designed to increase your visibility in search results
  • Composing a summary that includes a biography, accomplishments, career highlights, and keywords.
  • Writing, editing, and optimizing past and present work experiences.
  • Inserting higher education academic degrees.
  • Adding certifications, courses, publications, languages, awards, volunteering, patents, etc.
  • Proofreading for humans: grammar, spelling, tenses, and readability.
  • Proofreading for algorithms: keyword matching, grade level, fonts, and formatting.
  • Installing into your new LinkedIn profile, or we email the profile to you in Microsoft Word.
  • Installing a compelling background image you choose from our many options.
  • Inserting a professional headshot you provide.
  • Adding images, videos, documents and links to webpages you provide.
  • Adjusting settings to make your all-star profile 100% visible to people searching for your skills.
  • Adjusting settings to let job recruiters know you are open to new opportunities.
  • Adjusting your contact settings so recruiters can email you without connecting.
  • Adjusting settings, so your LinkedIn network is not notified about the improvements we make to your profile.
  • Job Scope & Accomplishment Builder e-book.
  • Summary Builder e-book.
  • Job Search Action Plan e-book.
  • Unlimited revisions.
  • 60-day guarantee.

LinkedIn Profile Writing Checklist Infographic

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