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LinkedIn Profile Writers That Increase Visibility for a Job Search & Sales Leads

LinkedIn Profile writing service Increases Interviews 71 percent

Why LinkedIn® is critical

  • 94% of recruiters are searching for talent on LinkedIn, only 36% of job seekers are. Take advantage of this.
  • Per the Wall Street Journal, 70% of people who start new employment were not looking or submitting applications to postings, rather they were contacted by a recruiter who saw their LinkedIn profile in search results.
  • A comprehensive LinkedIn profile increases interviews 71%, per the Forbes chart.
  • LinkedIn is the largest job board for director, vice president and c-level executive positions.
  • A professional profile builds credibility when, not if, employers put your name in search engines.
  • A consistent, professional match to your resume when recruiters research you.
  • Create a network that you can leverage when you are ready for a new job.
  • Buyers of B2B products and professional services are searching for suppliers on LinkedIn. A profile today is comparable to a Yellow Pages advertisement in the 1990s.

Our professional LinkedIn profile writing and installation service includes:

  • Unlike other LinkedIn profile writing services that have an overseas freelancer copy and paste your old resume into a text document for you to install, we edit, improve and keyword optimize the text on your old resume, profile, and jobs of interest before submitting a draft to you for review. Then we install it. Learn more about what sets us apart from others services.
  • Collaboration one-to-one with our in-house, certified writing team who has experience with your industry and function.
  • Formatting designed to rank well with the search algorithm used by LinkedIn and Google.
  • Researching, optimizing, and installing 50 hard skill keywords relevant for your experience and goals.
  • Writing and installation of a search-optimized headline designed to increase your visibility in search results
  • Composing a summary that includes a biography, accomplishments, career highlights, and keywords.
  • Writing, editing, and optimizing past and present work experiences.
  • Inserting higher education academic degrees.
  • Adding certifications, courses, publications, languages, awards, volunteering, patents, etc.
  • Proofreading for humans: grammar, spelling, tenses, and readability.
  • Proofreading for algorithms: keyword matching, grade level, fonts, and formatting.
  • Installing into your new LinkedIn profile, or we email the profile to you in Microsoft Word.
  • Installing a compelling background image you choose from our many options.
  • Inserting a professional headshot you provide.
  • Adding images, videos, documents and links to webpages you provide.
  • Adjusting settings to make your all-star profile 100% visible to people searching for your skills.
  • Adjusting settings to let job recruiters know you are open to new opportunities.
  • Adjusting your contact settings so recruiters can email you without connecting.
  • Adjusting settings, so your LinkedIn network is not notified about the improvements we make to your profile.
  • Job Scope & Accomplishment Builder e-book.
  • Summary Builder e-book.
  • Job Search Action Plan e-book.
  • Unlimited revisions.
  • 60-day guarantee.

“What took me years to create in terms of my work experience, the team at Klaxos was able to craft my career story into a compelling profile and personal brand marketing piece and ensure consistency with my resume and LinkedIn profile. I am grateful for this incredible team! The services are worth every penny!”

Amanda R.

Google Ratings

“This is the real deal. These are actual human beings who know what they are doing. They dramatically improved my LinkedIn profile, resume and cover letter. They were fast, professional, answered my questions and were easy to work with. I have received many compliments and the number of profile reviews has increased.”

Sean O.

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