LinkedIn’s “let recruiters know you’re open to job opportunities” received a new feature last week that allows you the option to choose whether to notify only recruiters or all LinkedIn members that view your profile. Previously, if you selected “open to job opportunities,” it was only known to job recruiters paying for the LinkedIn Recruiter premium package. LinkedIn recently added the option to make this visible to all LinkedIn members whether on free or premium plans. Job searchers who are unemployed or do not mind if their co-workers know they are looking (e.g. separation agreement) should choose the “all Linkedin members” setting. As of October 16, 2019, this feature is not available for all accounts as it is slowly being made available over time.

Below is a step-by-step screenshot tutorial that walks you through how to make this change. You can learn more about how to change/update your specific LinkedIn career interests.
Linkedin Open To Job Opportunities Public Recruiter Settings Front End