Linkedin Profiles of College Student, Recent Graduates, New Graduates

by | Updated Mar 3, 2023

Increasingly college students are building LinkedIn profiles so they can hit the post graduation job search at full speed. The value of the professional networking service is well known for experienced professionals such as Baby Boomers and Generation X, however now undergraduates are getting into the game. LinkedIn is replacing newspapers as THE source of data about careers, based on research of millennials who are about to graduate from university. Millennials are getting smart about creating personal and professional profiles that help, not hurt them become gainfully employed. The Millennial Generation, sometimes known as Generation Y is the demographic group following Generation X.

A growing number of students are naming Linked In as the professional network of choice. It is recommended that college students build a professional profile to connect with businesses, recruiters and relevant influencers before graduation. College graduates conducting a job search use company pages to learn more about the best places to start a career, and to determine what skills and expertise they need to acquire before they apply for a job.

Linkedin Use by College Graduates

The chart below shows how recent Millennial graduates plan to apply to jobs.


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