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We Know What Hiring Managers Want. An Expert Cover Letter Helps Create a Great Introduction 

Experts agree that a professional cover letter is still a critical tool for introducing your resume whether it be delivered by mail, email, read verbally or uploaded to a job application website. Cover letters that summarize your accomplishments and skills and how they are relevant with your potential new employer, in clear and concise text, are significantly more likely to help a candidate obtain a job interview. Remember, although the job application process is driven by technology (resume readers, professional networking websites) a candidate still needs written text that summarizes their career story to executive recruiters, human resource managers or a hiring executive. A professionally written cover letter can add energy and be the deciding factor between obtaining the interview or your application landing in the dreaded “maybe” folder. The process of writing it is also a good rehearsal for your verbal elevator pitch. We recommend sending the cover letter by email to the job recruiter in human resources as well as the hiring executive — your future boss! Send it via email and paper mail for maximum impact. We have written cover letters for 200+ industry verticals, from every part of United States and over 30 countries. We provide one-to-one, personalized service with an experienced, professional cover letter writer who is knowledgeable about your industry. You will receive your cover letter in Microsoft Word. A PDF version is available upon request. Our customers have rated us as among the best cover letter writing services.

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