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Our Writing Service Process

Select a Writing Product and Pay for Your Service.

1. Select Bronze, Silver or Gold and Pay for The Service

Pick profile only, resume only or our package (most popular) product and pay on this secure website.

Complete Our Online Questionnaire.

2. Complete Our Brief Questionnaire

Tell us about your goals, skills, accomplishments, work experience, other information and upload your old resume (optional).

3. Be Partnered With an Expert Writer.

3. Partnered With an In-House Expert Writer

We will match you with one of our in-house writers who is an expert about your function and industry.

Review Your Profile or Resume.

4. Review Your Profile or Resume

After we receive your completed questionnaire, A draft of your new resume or LinkedIn profile will be emailed to you, within 2-4 business days, by your writer.

Revision Period.

5. Edits & Revisions

You can work, one-on-one, with your in-house writer on revisions (if necessary). If you purchase our package product, we complete the resume first, then the LinkedIn profile and lastly, the cover letter.

LinkedIn Profile Installation

6. LinkedIn (If Purchased) Writing & Installation

Once you approve your profile or resume, your writer will install your new profile on LinkedIn. Otherwise, we will email you the final profile Word document for you to self-install your profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do Klaxos writers have?

Since 2009, Our in-house LinkedIn® profile and resume-writers have enabled 5,000+ professionals in 30+ countries and 200+ industries to achieve more interviews. We work together every day to leverage our shared experiences into career success for you. You will not find our breadth and depth of business, writing and marketing experience with any other career writing service. In work experiences prior to Klaxos, we have worked for AOL, Aetna, PepsiCo, Kraft-Heinz, Sodexo, the National Association of Manufacturers, Wells Fargo, UPMC, Epic Medical Records, Booz Allen, Edelman and other professional organizations. Klaxos is certified by the Professional Association of Resume Writers, has numerous 5-star ratings and hundreds of client testimonials on our website. We have a combined 100+ years of career-oriented business writing experience.

Do you outsource your work to freelance writers overseas?

No. Our writers work in-house and live in the U.S. Unlike all the big name resumé writing mills, Klaxos does NOT send any writing projects to a network of freelance writers and hope they do a good job. Klaxos writers have been working and learning with the same, small internal team for many years. This continuity, combined with our industry experience, sets us above the competition.

Which specialized industries or skill functions do your writers have experience?

Klaxos’ team has written profiles and resumes for over 100+ industries, including military-to-civilian transitions and academic sectors. While 80% of our clients reside within the U.S., 20% come from 30+ countries, from Australia to the United Arab Emirates. We have deep experience in technology, telecommunications, financial, health care, media, food & beverage, hospitality, nonprofit and supply chain industries. We are well-informed in current best practices and can convert your experience from one sector to another. We do not write U.S. federal government resumes, and we do not write content for the USA Jobs civil service job opportunities website.

What do your clients have to say about your work?

You can read what Klaxos clients have said about the impact of our services on our website by clicking here, as well as our Yelp page and the recommendation area of Karl’s profile, Carolyn’s profile or Christian’s profile.

What do job recruiters think of your resume layout?

The resume layout Klaxos uses follows the guidelines promoted by the Professional Association of Resume Writers, the Society for Human Resource Management and executive recruiters. The science behind the layout is intended to increase your visibility with resume scanning technology and humans and it is what job recruiters are expecting to see. This is one of our resume examples.

Why is your resume layout more successful than resumes with fancy styling?

Applicant tracking software (ATS) is an algorithm that scans and ranks your submitted resume. Then, a human will review the top 5%-10% of applications based on the ranking assigned by the ATS. ATS’s cannot read resumes that contain logos, pictures, symbols, tables, fancy fonts, headers, footers, colors and shadings. 90% of recruiters read resumes on their phone, fancy formatting makes the resume distorted and impossible to read. Our resume writing service makes it more likely to pass ATS filters and be reviewed by a human job recruiter.

Resumes with unknown headings like Affiliations, Publications, or Memberships may cause the ATS to reject your resume. Although an ATS can usually read a PDF, it is better to submit your resume in Microsoft Word. Klaxos uses Calibri font which is a narrow sans-serif typeface like Arial/Helvetica, thus allowing more characters per line.

Will this require a lot of work by me?

No, but this is an interactive process—you are the expert on your specific experiences, skills and goals. Your writer will need your collaborative input to provide information in our short questionnaire. The writer will improve, highlight, align, format, adjust, boost and edit the raw content you provided initially and during revisions. The writer cannot guess!

How does the 60-day interview pledge work?

Not only do we professionally write your resume, we want to make sure it gets you results. For resume and profile writing services, if you do not receive two times more job interviews within 60 days of the end of your Access Time, we will revise either the resume or profile once, free-of-charge. You must notify us, via email, between 91 and 150 days (approximately 5 months) from your date of purchase, to be eligible for a free revision.

Are you the leading organization providing LinkedIn® services?

Yes, we have helped thousands of clients, in 30+ countries and 100+ industries, increase their visibility via LinkedIn or through a professional resume for their job search, personal branding, generating sales leads or growing their organization in the digital age. In 2009, we first started optimized Linkedin profiles and marketing campaigns and were not aware of any individual or organization in the field offering the same types of services. When Klaxos formally launched in January 2012, we estimated 3-4 individuals offering LinkedIn services.

How long does the writing process take?

After we receive your completed questionnaire, your writer will email you a draft document within 4 business days. For the Silver and Gold products, it typically takes 6-8 business days for the resume, profile and cover letter to be completed. Completion time depends on the number of revisions requested by the client.

How does the writing process work?

Klaxos combines the decades of experience of our certified, in-house, professional resume writers with our expertise in how to increase rankings within resume and profile scanning software called applicant tracking systems (ATS). ATS technology filters and ranks applicants based on keywords, readability, and formatting. Klaxos analyzes your experience and writes your resume/profile with the goal of scoring well when read by machines and humans. The process is simple:

  • Tell us about your goals, skills, accomplishments, work experience, other information and upload your old resume (optional) via our online questionnaire.
  • We will match you with one of our in-house, expert writers who is an expert about your function and industry.
  • After we receive your completed questionnaire, A draft of your new resume or LinkedIn profile will be emailed to you, within 2-4 business days, by your writer.
  • Edits & Revisions: You have 30 days of access time to work, one-on-one, with your writer. If you purchase our package product, we complete the resume first, then the LinkedIn profile and lastly, the cover letter.
  • Once you approve your profile or resume, your writer will install your new profile on LinkedIn. Otherwise, we will email you the final profile Word document for you to self-install your profile.

How many revisions will my writer provide?

Purchase of our Gold, Silver, Bronze or Company Page writing service includes unlimited revisions during the 30-day access time. Other writing services only provide 7-14 days for revisions.

What topics are discussed during the paid phone consultation?

Topics discussed can include learning more details about your skills, accomplishments and goals. The Klaxos consultant answers questions about our services and provides advice regarding job searching, LinkedIn, recruiters and other career topics. If you would like to pay for a separate phone consultation, click here to pay for an up to 60-minute voice phone call with the Klaxos consultant.

How does not having phone support benefit clients?

We typically respond, via email, to revision requests within one business day and support questions within two business hours. Klaxos limits communication to email, an online questionnaire and website resources. This benefits our clients in several ways:

  1. Written communication encourages concise direction. Verbal communication often results in 60 minutes of repetitive and off-topic discussion to transmit 10 minutes of actionable information.
  2. Written direction, via email or webpage questionnaire, ensures direction is not confused in a verbal discussion.
  3. Written text provides an exact record of what was said, by whom and when.
  4. Written information can be read and transmitted at a convenient time.
  5. Scheduling phone meetings is time-consuming for both parties.
  6. Most people learn better through visual tools. We can email you resources like articles, videos or personalized instructions to help you solve problems and get back to working on your career.

How do I cancel my membership of Klaxos’s LinkedIn Library service?

Klaxos is NOT affiliated with LinkedIn.com and cannot help you with LinkedIn.com related billing, password or other questions. To cancel your membership of Klaxos’s Library service, sign in to your account and click “cancel renewal” on the left side of your Account webpage.

What other services do you offer other than profile and resume writing?

Our prices webpage highlights our most popular services; however, we also offer phone consultations, Company page writing, biographies, presentations, workshops and LinkedIn sales/marketing services. Review the prices for our unbundled a-la-carte prices. We do not provide cover letter writing as a stand-alone service, it must be purchased as part of a package.

What LinkedIn® B2B marketing and social selling services do you offer?

LinkedIn is the leading channel for B2B social sales and advocacy engagement. Gartner, Visa, Bloomberg, Sodexo, FujiFilm, multiple trade associations and several educational institutions have retained Klaxos to train sales teams, increase lead generation, manage LinkedIn advertising campaigns, write LinkedIn business pages and be the keynote speaker at conferences.

Are you affiliated with LinkedIn®?

No. Although LinkedIn® has asked us for our advice on new products and features, Klaxos is an independent profile, resume and marketing service. We do not have a relationship, affiliation, sponsorship, or endorsement by LinkedIn® headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA or its parent Microsoft Corporation. No content on this website or any of our services has been authorized by or represents the views or opinions of LinkedIn personnel. LinkedIn®, the LinkedIn logo, the IN logo and InMail are registered trademarks of LinkedIn and its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries.

What free resources regarding LinkedIn, resumes and job search tips do you have?

We have a blog that covers all things career advice related—from interview tips to networking to resume writing. Check out our resources webpage.

What does the Klaxos name represent?

On June 8, 2018, the name of our business changed from LinkedIn Profile and Resume Writing Service to Klaxos. The Klaxos brand is inspired by the Klaxon, a horn that combines electronics and mechanics to make a loud, recognizable noise alerting people of critical information. Similarly, Klaxos combines digital technology and human intelligence to enable organizational and personal brands to make intelligent, relevant digital noise that overwhelms competitive clatter. We are a leading provider of LinkedIn writing and social selling training services that can increase visibility for job searchers, salespeople and organizational brands.