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Resume Distribution to Recruiters

We email your resume using our database (revised weekly) of nearly 40,000 executive and director level recruiters located within the U.S. and Canada. Real humans invest significant, ongoing time to refine a responsive list of engaged contacts that includes industry leaders such as DHR, Heidrick & Struggles, Spencer Stuart, Russell Reynolds, Boyden, Lucas Group, Robert Half, and Stanton Chase.

  1. You select the industries, functions, salary range, and U.S./Canada geographies relevant to your goals.
  2. We send your resume and letter (Word or PDF format) from our email tool to the recruiters you selected.
  3. Your email address is used to send the email (from our sending tool), so responses from recruiters arrive in your inbox.
  4. An excel file is provided with the recruiter’s name, email, phone, and company.
  5. LinkedIn® Library - search and download thousands of great LinkedIn profiles and resumes.
  6. Learn more details about this service.
  7. Save 5% if you pay us without a fee, credit card.

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