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The UAE has one of the highest (3.5M users) concentrations of Linkedin users. Job recruiters mainly use LinkedIn to find English-speaking Emiratis and UAE-based ex-pats with career experience in technology, construction, hospitality, energy, oil & gas, retail, banking, accounting, finance, engineering, consulting, and health care, and other industries. Executive recruiters sourcing talent in the Gulf Cooperation Council GCC primarily use digital business networks to find candidates. Whether you live in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, or anywhere on the Persian Gulf coast, you need to include hard-skill keywords that can help you rank at the top after being scanned by ATS algorithms used by human resources. Since 2009, our top-rated resume and LinkedIn writing have delivered more interviews by increasing the visibility of skills, experience, and accomplishments. We have written 100+ UAE resumes. We know what works with UAE and USA job recruiters.

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