LinkedIn Profile Examples, Summaries, Headlines

Amazon Web Services AWS – Cloud Computing

sample LinkedIn profile summary cloud software saas

“This team had a direct impact in me obtaining a new job at Amazon Web Services. They wrote a new resume and profile with the latest technology keywords such as AWS, cloud, virtualization, machine learning and IoT. I will continue to recommend them to my colleagues.”

Citizens, Capital One Bank – Credit Card Products

LinkedIn profile summary example bank mortgage brokerage

“I had a great experience with my writer. She was well versed in the terminology of banking and finance and delivered a near perfect resume on the first draft. After one round of edits, she installed my optimized profile. She was responsive and helpful, and the entire process took only a few emails and less than a week.”

Apple – Procurement, Supply Chain

LinkedIn profile example logistics supply chain

“The work my writer completed gave my networking a significant boost. I struggle to write about my career accomplishments and they helped bring it to life. My LinkedIn profile looks great. Thank you for the quick turnaround, the great ideas and the attention to detail. It was fun to work with such innovative and creative people.”

Sanofi – Pharmacy, Medical Devices

LinkedIn profile example - pharmaceutical medical

“I have seen a noticeable increase in the quantity of views of my profile. As an executive in the pharmaceutical industry, it is critical for me to have a profile that captures the essence of “my story”. My writer created my new profile with efficiency and professionalism. The first draft exceeded my expectations and required little revision. I recommend them to anyone in need of a resume or profile.”

Gartner – Digital Marketing Research

LinkedIn profile example marketing strategy branding

“LinkedIn is the leading channel for B2B social sales engagement. Gartner retained this team to build Gartner’s presence and teach social selling. Their deep knowledge of LinkedIn optimization, advertising, content marketing and funnel management would be an asset to any organization looking to scale demand generation in business digital media.”

Auviva – Biotechnology, Genetics

SLinkedIn profile example summary biotechnology life science

“Wow. What a difference. My new profile helped me attract connections for my biotech startup. My writer had a let’s-get-it-done attitude, delivering a great profile quickly. I endorse this service to anyone looking to make an impact in their career.”

Heinz – CFO, Finance Accounting

example of LinkedIn profile summary for finance cpa cfo accounting

“As the numbers guy, it’s hard to translate my career into words. The team created a resume that emphasized my quantifiable accomplishments, not just a list of tasks. Their optimization and installation of my profile significantly increased views from financial executive recruiters. They helped me land my current role. I recommend their services.”

BP – Power Generation Engineer

LinkedIn summary example - engineer energy chemical mechanical

“Your resume and profile writing helped me land my position at BP. Thank you so much, I am happy with the outcome. Translating my skills and accomplishments into career documentation does not come naturally. You guys made it easy. I am suggesting your service to others.”

Bay Microsystems – Technology, SaaS, Cybersecurity

Sample LinkedIn profile - technology cybersecurity

“I keep sending you business. Keep going. People love what you do. Karl and the team are extremely smart, competent professionals that are knowledgeable about the technology industry, resumes and how to profit from LinkedIn. He’s a great motivator and team player. This team will be successful at whatever they set out to do.”

GMMB, White House, CNN – Communications, Public Relations

LinkedIn profile summary example - communications public relations

“According to Linkedin analytics “my appearances in search results” has improved a lot since I used your service. Thanks for all your help with this project. I’m feeling like things are moving to a very good place. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.”

CVS Health – Retail Store Sales

LinkedIn profile example - retail sales store manager

“I was told by a friend in human resources that LinkedIn optimization is a must have, regardless of the stage in your career. She was right. It’s like this service turned on a light switch. Every module of the package I purchased was professionally written and delivered faster than promised. My writer devoted time and effort to deliver a great result to me.”

Marsh – Attorney, Risk Management

LinkedIn profile example for attorney

“Thank you for doing an excellent job writing my profile. I am happy to report it got the attention of a recruiter which led to my new role. It helped a lot that you understand legalese.”

Viacom, ESPN, USA Today – Digital Media, Advertising Sales

Sample LinkedIn profile summary digital media advertising

“My resume and LinkedIn look amazing and more importantly my rank on recruiters’ searches has increased about tenfold. It is all right there in the analytics. Thank you for all your hard work, I will keep sending my colleagues your way. Great concept.”

Keller Williams – Real Estate Sales, Entrepreneur

LinkedIn profile example - real estate

“Social media is a critical tool for real estate agents to connect with specific segments of the market. An optimized profile can make a significant impact in sales and recruiting. My writer was responsive, detail oriented and had experience with my industry. If you’re looking for digital lead generation, this is the service for you.”

Community Development – Nonprofit, Charity, Fundraising

LinkedIn Profile Example - Nonprofit Charity Philanthropy NGO

“Thank you for your assistance with my resume. After I used your services, I received 6 job interviews and 3 job offers. This was in comparison to 1 job interview prior. I have recommended your services to multiple people and I hope they will take my advice. I now have an incredible job and today is my first day! Thank you again for all your help, I was very skeptical and cautious to spend the money. It was worth every penny and I am so thankful for your assistance, I know I was not the easiest to work with.”

Air Force, Lockheed, DoD – Military, Aviation, Threat Detection

LinkedIn profile example - military

Karl, Carolyn and the team did an amazing job of capturing my key experiences and accomplishments in the military as I transition to defense contracting in a way that reflects current industry skills. They distilled volumes of text to create a resume and LinkedIn profile that far exceeded my expectations. It was the best money I have spent capturing my professional qualifications and I was impressed with how quickly they delivered the service. I will be using them in the future for LinkedIn profiles for my staff.

U.S. Congress – Early Career, Issue Advocacy

LinkedIn example - college student, early career

“Thank you for the work that you put into improving my profile. It’s a significant improvement and it’s making a difference.”

Corning, Nitta – Manufacturing Executive

Sample Linkedin profile summary CEO manufacturing

“”I am the envy of the other executives in my group. I am definitely seeing more activity on my account. You did a great job.””

Coca-Cola, Consumer Product Sales

LinkedIn profile example for consumer products

With the average job tenure only a few years, today’s job searcher needs to create and promote their own personal brand. It’s critical to have a digital resume optimized with targeted, relevant text and images at the top of the hiring managers search results. Combine the increase in visibility of your skills with a large professional LinkedIn social network, and you have a virtual career engine running for you 24/7/365. Job searching is outdated. Savvy career planners know that you attract new jobs, sales leads and consulting opportunities by getting noticed through a keyword-friendly digital portfolio of your career accomplishments. If you are not branding yourself, human resource managers now view your skills as “out of touch” – not good in a competitive employment arena. 

Most people don’t know that LinkedIn profile optimization can increase their prominence in Google and LinkedIn search results. Think of your digital profile as a website. You have heard of website search engine optimization; LinkedIn SEO is the same concept for personal branding. Dress for digital success in the online career world that is the LinkedIn social network. The key to a great professional profile is our team of writers who have decades of business experience, allowing us to infuse the optimal skills and keywords into your profile. The LinkedIn profile examples above are a testament to our skills at writing for even the most complex careers in engineering, information technology, law, medical, military, banking or those early in their career.

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